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A wire tuck job is a beautiful thing.

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Originally Posted by jbarwick View Post

A wire tuck job is a beautiful thing.
Indeed. fistbump.gif
Not the fastest, or most expensive car. But it had that "wow" factor. Of hours spent into it.
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Dat stance doe
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Weird story. My drivers license was suspended as of yesterday.

I was super confused as to why. I texted my lawyer and he looked into and called me back. It turns out that they deeemed unsafe to drive because of me sorta passing out at my friends wedding in Texas. Not driving; at a fucking dinner table. The one glass of champagne likely wasn't the the culprit. The long work weeks leading up to it are likely what got me the ambulance to ER treatment. Not a DUI or me kidnapping a child.

In typical government efficiency fashion, I got the letter the day of the suspension on a Sat, so they're obviously not working at the DMV. They're supposed to give you 14 days notice here in California and it was dated exactly 14 days back.

It still won't stop me from driving - though illegally. My lawyer has my back for $. We'll see how this plays out.
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Now that is a weird story for losing you license.


Car spotting in our small mountain village in Germany: 991 GT3 RS in silver, Lambo Gallardo (one of the many variants, quad exhaust so maybe 560?), 80s 911 Targa, and a bunch of crap.  The crap includes the Skoda Superb we rented since more family is coming.  Don't name a car something like 'Superb' when it sucks.

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You should kill whoever called an ambo for you. Never involve the authorities with your (incapacitated) buddies lestin' there's a legit emergency. Even then lol

Not cool.
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neat. looks like a rolling hot tub. love the paint too.

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I can see that stance nation is just as awful on the other side of the ocean.

That Soarer isn't bad though. Reminds me of my cousin's (pretty rare) Corolla liftback of the same generation. His was white with gold wire wheels.
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Wide stance? /HRoi
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Wide stance? /HRoi

Just like Larry Craig in an airport restroom.
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Originally Posted by SirReveller View Post

You should kill whoever called an ambo for you. Never involve the authorities with your (incapacitated) buddies lestin' there's a legit emergency. Even then lol

Not cool.

Huh? I'd rather have had some potassium chloride and electrolytes in me via an IV than not. And you're assuming they were hammered and I should kill them for doing the right thing. My friends aren't idiots.

Edit: On a lighter note - gorgeous Sunday morning drive. Normally hate vertical photos, but this deserved it. Best part was chasing an Interlagos Blue E39 M5 towards the end.

Now bring on the pizza and the NFL.
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That soarer engine is ridiculous. ITB setup?

Stance isn't really my thing, but some of those cars have been lowered pretty tastefully. I don't 'get' it. The miata wasn't as awful as some of the ones I've seen here.


In other news, had a pretty awesome day of driving today. Local roads in NH with the top down and gorgeous fall scenery. Should have made my gf take some video. Should have also installed my header on friday night/saturday morning. Need to do ittt early this week so I can put some miles with the setuppp.

@ramuman that's freaking weird. How do they get you for your license if you pass out at a wedding for unrelated issues...

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Have not left my mountain since Friday. Sort of rocks.
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I went to Stance nation expecting to see pastel green golfs with bicycles on the roof and the drivers Vaping. lol8[1].gif
But it was so much better than expected. Famlies were out. People were walking their dogs. Friends who came in groups were having Barbeques. It was a relaxed festival atmosphere. Where the Stance crowd hosted the show. But all types of car tuners showed up. A fantastic day out. And i got to meet and chat with the Dude who make the "rocket Bunny" bodykits. Look at product booths. And could really admire some of the top notch work people are bringing to the party. happy.gif

These are my personal faves from the show.

This Silvia had a full tubed chassis. A plethora of custom work. But painted in stock colors.

Omg. The color fade left to right, the pink panther on the fuse box, and the rattle can painted oil cooler with all dat bling.

Old Corolla's represent!

Suuuper fresh Mk3 Supra,

Celica xx

And some of the cleanest Rotaries

Look at dos wheel tubs and seamed engine bay. drool.gif

This airbrushed old school Toyota emblem.

And laced paint work with heavy metalflake and candy pink.

The welding. O. M. G. The welding. .

With all breeds of Subaru on show. Miata's, Z cars, and some Euro's. There really was something for everyone.
While stupid camber is a fad that will pass, the age old formula of slamming a car to the ground, with slick paint. On nice wheels. With quality workmanship is something that will never go out of style. So thanks stance crowd. For keeping hot rodding and tuning alive into the next generation. fing02[1].gif

And you can believe it. Next year there will be a Slammed yellow Gc8 wowing the crowds. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Challenge is, "how to make this pretty car more sinister"devil.gif. . .

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Thrift, how many exhaust pipes did you shove your cock in doe?
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