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Originally Posted by Huntsman
You didn't happen to be parked at a large wine store in New Jersey in between Christmas and New Years by any chance?
No my kind sir.
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1996 Honda Civic 4 dr sedan
1998 Oldsmobile Aurora
1989 BMW K100RS (OK, so it's not a car)
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My Phaeton

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Originally Posted by Pink22m View Post
The Phaeton is indeed a nice car. It sounds like it didn't sell too well in the USA, although I am not too suprised, given that many people can't appreciate an 80,000 USD VW.

Yeah it's pretty tough for someone to get over the image of a high end VW when there is an Audi A8 pretty close in price.
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A recent picture of my car:

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2003 Ford Explorer. Gets the job done right.

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Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
Bergdorf...Everyone is entitled to their opinion that is why I am going to give mine...I have driven almost every "luxury" suv on the market. I have also owned a few. For you to say that the Nav and Sclades are..."f-ing garbage" is ABSOLUTLEY ludicrous. I love that kind of irrational exuberance that seems to flow from folks so often. It is unfortunate that you feel this way! I would be very interested to know what you drive? At this point in my life, just short of the new Bugatti, I am lucky enough to afford almost any car that is available. I will get either an Escalade, Denali or Suburban next. I must be a moron then again so must Motor Trend Magazine since they named those vehicles the trucks of the year predominately because of "styling, fit, and finish"! You know the other thing I see all to often are folks who bash the American Brands especially in the automotive sector. There was a time when the Big 3 were having their troubles against the foreign competition. The foreign cars are just not that much better anymore. But, the perception is they are so many folks find faults. Anyhow don't we live in AMERICA? Are we not AMERICANS? Should we not support the one industry that is around 15% of the GDP and around 18% of all R&D?

I just can't understand the popularity of these monstrous SUVs with all the styling imagination of a lay-z-boy recliner.

I am sure you get more than your money's worth, but I personally could never buy one of these hugely fuel inefficient cars. I've become a total convert to the cause of trying to use less fossil fuel and drive cars that are more efficient. Honestly, as much as people like to posit the needs for cars like the Escalade I fail to see them most of the time-- the 4 wheel drive is available on a variety of smaller and more efficient cars and so is the luxury. I guess there is the size consideration, but I very very rarely see escalades driving around with 6 people in them-- so I am apt to find any argument about size being rather ridicilous.

I am sure your Escalade is nice- I have ridden in caddy's before and it is like riding in a big piece of furniture down the highway. I imagine there is an appeal to that, since I feel the same way driving my 67 Ford Galaxie convertible sometimes-- but it's an antique that I only drive once and a while. My hope is that the huge SUVs that became so popular during the 90s get relegated to the same class of antiques and people make a more contientous automotive choice.
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Originally Posted by Kai View Post
A recent picture of my car:

That's a beautiful car Kai....I'm jealous
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Summer transportation

Winter/practical car (doesn't make much sense I know...)

Recently departed and sorely missed
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awww Kai... the soft-top? Come on man!
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I drove a BMW into 8 bushes on private property. I haven't driven since. Curse of the Asian.
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Recently ditched the old Honda for a Lincoln LS.

Now I am completely environmentally irresponsible with two V8s in my driveway.
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My new ride...2008 Chrysler 300C:
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