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I think it'd be hard for HRoi to not enjoy that. #jelly
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Pic after taking delivery:

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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Pic after taking delivery:

Great car and thank goodness offered only with a manual transmission!!!  

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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Pic after taking delivery:


Asshole. :)


(Unspoilered without apology)

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Where dat pics of dat bucket seats doe?
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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post

Awesome brah. Such a cool fucking car. Enjoy.

Make sure to put some respeck on it while driving! gotta put some respeck on it!


Are you finished or are you done?

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Originally Posted by Rumpelstiltskin View Post

Are you finished or are you done?

i ain't gon say it no mo
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Gorgeous car! Enjoy!!!
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I dropped my jaw on the floor and now I have lost it so I am jaw less.

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Congratulations @Hroi very nice
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The ride height on that thing is perfect.
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What's the stance tho?

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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

What's the stance tho?

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Great spec! Enjoy smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Dino944 View Post

Sorry, but I hope you are joking.  As much as I like Porsches, the 996 was junk.  Lower quality interiors, buttons that get sticky from exposure to sun, basically sharing front end with Boxsters so from the front it looks like a Boxster not a 911, rear main seal leaks, and even more worrisome... IMS failures that caused engines to grenade (although you can get IMS aftermarket solutions for a few grand to hopefully avoid blowing up the engine).  They are a bargain because most people don't want them.  The bargain if one can tolerate the Boxsterish front and junky interiors is the 996 Turbo which doesn't have the same engine design, so there is no IMS issue to blow up the engine, and it is a great performer.    


Yes, one can buy a modern STi for less than most high end 20 year old or older collector cars, and the STi will be faster.   But not everyone wants a Japanese performance car, and there is something about having a vintage sports car, especially if it was once someone's dream car that make modern performance levels less relevant.  I doubt anyone buying a 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL, a 1976 930 Turbo Carrera, or Dino 246 GT, would care that an STi or GTR is quicker and cheaper to own.  The overall driving experience of cars, even those with similar levels of performance drive can be so different that the vehicle with the quickest 0-60 or 1/4 mile may not be the one someone would choose to own. 


The factors of faster and less expensive are certainly important to many people.  However, they aren't the end all be all in purchasing a fun car.  If someone has the means to buy and maintain a Euro or Japanese car, then they should buy the one that puts the biggest smile on their face. 

i'm sorry not sorry to inform you. that my car (an STi) will turn 18 next year. my last turbo car will now be 21. and my point here is, 20-25 years ago was when the Japanese cars absolutely stood up, and said they are here to throw down. with every manufacturer proving they can build a supercar. that defeats euro supercars, that you can put your super baby seat in. forcing the newest wave of supercars out of europe, while the Japanese companies rest on their laurels. pour a martini. and go back to building flimsy econoboxes. 

The Era of Jap superstars is over. dead and buried. with no real economic benefit currently to revive it. making cars from 2,000 and back "Collector Cars". with a ground swell that will lead to astronomical prices on JDM Hero cars.

My car?  Only 2000 ever made, with less than a 3rd in my color. and a 993 slaying is somewhat of a grail in the Subie circles.  Horndog's car is another one. a genuine collector car already. stock body ones are getting rarer by the day. and 30k+ asking price for a mid 90's car. it won't be long until Supra's eclipse Ferrari 355 /Porsche 964 prices. which really is eye opening.

don't get me wrong,i'd love an Autobianchi Abarth, Lancia Delta Intergrale, TVR Cerbera, or Porsche 964.  they are also performers in their own right,and drool inducing. with collectors vigilant in searching for them. but i feel you are wrong in your separation of the genres. within cars as a whole. special models exist. Japanese cars are not "the other species". they are the next wave in the car market. with performance, reliability, and often comfort. don't be caught napping. because the rare models are coming. and here on the ground with access to them? i intend to be the one who rides the money wave. i missed the euro wave and got priced out.


Originally Posted by gong View Post

can't think of any real issues Evos have that aren't directly linked to abuse. the STi has an infinitely stronger transmission but that's about it, with 2-3k invested in an Evo you're firmly in the 400whp range (reliably).

easily. EVO 9 running 500hp. daily driven in my 'burb.   STi transmissions are the bidniss. less power from the engine,so the missions do the work.


Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

I dont know what you're arguing, in the first sentence you agree with him, and then you start arguing about something no one was talking about...



He never said Japanese are everyone's dream cars, or have better driving experiences, etc. He said fast.

correct. :cheers:



Originally Posted by horndog View Post

It may have more HP in stock trim, but the EJ motors (the architecture for the WRX motors since forever ago) grenade too frequently if you start to tweak them. It's a shame they've really done nothing to update the STi for years now except to add weight.

word is, that 450hp is all they can hold reliably. so it's all drivetrain mods from there. and weight reduction.


Congrats @HRoi enjoy that beast.

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