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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

I'm getting concerned over the lack of updates. Nothing about the codes his car is tossing, what he had for lunch, or the resultant shit it caused.

Stay safe, GF!


Plus nothing about those gains and losses in his 60% cash portfolio.

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Originally Posted by brokencycle View Post

Plus nothing about those gains and losses in his 60% cash portfolio.

I have a 10 and a 1 in my wallet. Thinking of converting that to 11 1s and making it rain for about 5 seconds at a strip club. GF, if you're alive, you're welcome to join. Straight up cash money man.
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I want to be GF's facebook friend.
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Originally Posted by otc View Post

I want to be GF's facebook friend.

I want that too for the sake of the stupid stuff people post on FB thread.
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Originally Posted by zippyh View Post

Jeebus, just replace it. They're about $125. Don't cheap out and get the non-OEM ones. You're driving a 10+ year old car in the north east, it's going to be crudded up. Those sensors aren't known for their longevity. Try not to kill yourself and use jack stands and block the wheels.

I'd look into those DME fan codes too.

Thanks for the only helpful post, lmao.

I did a lot of searching on the car forums and it was very evenly divided over the alleged efficacy of cleaning the sensor. Some people say that cleaning it theoretically should have no effect because it operates based on magnetic sensing (i.e., dirt / debris wouldn't impact that). But a LOT of other people say that cleaning their sensors fixed the issue after seeing a build-up of metallic shavings around its magnetic poles.

The DIY guide for accessing the sensors shows it to be very straightforward -- should only take 15 minutes or so: lift the car, pop off the wheel, and the sensor is right behind the rotor and easily accessible. ECS Tuning has the OEM part but it won't ship out for another five days, meaning I wouldn't get it for at least another week or two if I ordered today. I figure I can try cleaning the sensor as a preliminary step and see if that resolves the issue. If not, I'll replace it with a new one. If THAT doesn't work too, I'm taking it to my mechanic.

When I told him my symptoms and codes, he said that's what he would do as well because it's a process of elimination type thing for this common issue. He admittedly joked and said he would have just started off with replacing the sensor from the get-go so he could charge me, lol. I also called a dealership and spoke to a service manager, gave him the codes, etc; he said they would start off with replacing the ABS/DSC module and quoted me $1,500+ for parts and labor plain.gif

In any case, I have a hydraulic lift, jack stands, and wheel blocks getting delivered to me on Sunday (dat Amazon Prime). Perfect timing to jack the car up when it'll be relatively warm outside. smile.gif
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Keep a running tally of how much you spend in tools and parts, just to see how close you come to what the mechanic would have charged you anyway. And let us know laugh.gif
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About a hundred bucks so far, give or take. I see your point and how you're trying to spin this to give me shit and add to the pile on, but they're reusable tools. The hydraulic lift and jack stands are just parts I should have anyway and will be able to use for years to come. The scanning tool I can continue to re-use and re-program my car, which I did already. That alone would have cost me an hour of labor at my mechanic, so I'm roughly breakeven already.

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A hundred bucks for a hydraulic lift?? puzzled.gif
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Are you still in Texas?
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Originally Posted by bawlin View Post

Soooo.... Competition Package M5 totally shits on the regular F10 M5. The car is noticeably louder, firmer, and faster. Totally different car.

I was actually thinking about getting a comp package F10 M5 but ultimately decided on the C63S. I don't really need such a big car at this point in my life was the main reason why I didn't go with an M5 or E63S.
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I'm not Einstein, but it seems to me that GF has spent money with no outcome. I could go to Home Depot and buy a table saw and say I can use it later - it wouldn't really justify it if it the initial issue wasn't resolved.
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His tools could prove useful though.

Let's be nice. He really does need to fix his car
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I think by hydraulic lift you mean pep boys jack?
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I bought an hydraulic floor jack over 20 years ago for a cross country trip and have kept it in my rides ever since. Only had two flat tires I've had to change roadside in 20 years but damn that jack pays off vs. those spindly things that come standard. MB comes with wheel blocks (one of my flats was a couple of years ago so I found out then).
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Where do you put it? I don't like using the puny stock jack, but that damn thing doesn't fit in the tire well, rattles around in the cargo compartment, and if it flies forward in a front end collision it will hit as hard as an RPG
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