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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post

I'm not driving it to sell it. I'm moving to Mass for a job change satisfied.gif.
New job? Congrats! cheers.gif
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

These guys get mentioned a lot of different car forums http://jplogistics.net.


I almost recommended them as well but knowing they transport exotics and hyper cars regularly, I decided not to mention them as I assume the price is pretty high.

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edit: already sold frown.gif
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Originally Posted by JayJay View Post

New job? Congrats! cheers.gif

Yes! Thank you!
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PLYCAR is the high end carrier based out of New England. Not sure of costs, but have heard good things.
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Ferrari of Manhattan uses Horseless Carriage.
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Just bought a '09 STS-V, pretty excited to drive it around for the summer.
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I've used Sunday Auto Transport for moving my car across the US twice and they did a good job.
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hey, sorry i'm in these pics. but i stumbled on this lot full of S-classes and Rolls Royce's while taking fit pics. not the norm for me. but thought the cars belong here.   i would grab one if they were RHD.   to rock as is.


some nice rides, rusting away.  sad. next time. just the cars.

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Does anyone know who exactly DoctaM3 is? From what I've gathered, he lives in the Philly area and he's obviously quite well off.
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Taking my car to the mechanic again tomorrow for a steering wheel vibration issue while braking (only happens at around 40 MPH and below).

Eager to see what comes up now!

Also need to inspect and prep the car for a 1,700 mile road trip. CPO warranty expires next month, so if anything is to go kaplunk, I hope (not really?) it happens now.
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Hi. My E46 M3

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Picked up the SQ5 on the weekend. Euro spec in Australia with the Bi-Turbo Diesel. 


photo image_zpsf77224e5.jpeg
photo image1_zpseb21da23.jpeg
photo image6_zpsbede7e1d.jpeg
photo image4_zpsa32bc39e.jpeg
photo image8_zpsc200366a.jpeg
photo image2_zpsff7df174.jpeg
photo image5_zps440fff4d.jpeg
photo image7_zps5c31eeea.jpeg
photo image3_zps426717be.jpeg
photo SQ5-10_zps3f2a7e6e.jpg
photo SQ5-12_zps2f6fb8ea.jpg
photo SQ5-6_zps404e9d95.jpg
photo SQ5-11_zps4190fe03.jpg
photo SQ5-7_zps7fa2da6b.jpg

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That's really nice. Good job too on the presentation - is that a roped off delivery area that Audi set up for you?
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