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Piob - have your MB dealers been good about scratches/blemishes/curb rash/etc. in cars you've traded in? Have about 8 months left on my lease and not sure whether to trade in for a new one at the end of the year or go in a different direction with the Model X. I have minor damage which I'm sure would be forgiven if I trade in, but wondering if I should try to pin them down on the damage before I even engage in any discussions. Having never turned in a lease before I have no idea if this is something that varies by brand or by dealer either. I assume it's easy to get them to eat the termination fee, if not automatic, if I lease a new MB.

Any other considerations before giving up the car? I've gotten a few calls from the dealer to trade in for the same car but newer model year for idiotic reasons (they estimate that I'll be over my mileage, etc.) but haven't explored anything because I want to ride it out until closer to the end of the lease to see what's out there.
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If you're leasing a new car from the same dealer you're turning it in, they will give you a LOT of leeway to keep you in the fold and get another sale. Overlooking minor damage and extra mileage, letting you do early termination, etc
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Yes, have no doubt they will waive everything if I get something new from them, but don't know how much real value to attribute to that. I understand they are incented to tell me it's $0 in damage if I buy a new car and $2k if I turn it in and go get something else, so trying to figure out how to manage that. I think one of my buddies said his MB dealer gave him no issues when he returned his car with dings even though he went with a different brand, but I could be confusing MB with Audi.

In a perfect world, I want to make the decision based on real value and not gamesmanship over wear and tear charges. I get that if I turn the car in without getting another MB I will have to suck it up and pay the termination fee. Maybe I just need to get an itemized quote from MB on how much they're going to charge for each issue and then get a quote from a body shop on how much it would cost to clean things up, but we're now talking about multiple aggravating errands and having to spend time at dealerships talking to sales and finance people which is not something I like to spend my time doing. Spent less than 5 hours car shopping for our most recent acquisition and maybe 8 hours over a couple of days when we got the MB. Hoping to eliminate that this next time around. As much as I like reading and thinking about cars, spending my time test-driving or dealing with sales people is a non-starter for me.
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Two weeks before I traded in my last GL I was driving through a construction zone and a piece of rebar was sticking up out of the ground at an angle and into traffic. I didn't see it in time and put a hella scratch in the passenger, rear passenger, and rear fender. I'm talking the sheet metal was dug into. I got a gonga deal on my new MB and they took care of that damage. Not sure they would have if I went with another brand.
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I guess I'll just have to play it out. The other thing I want to know is whether I'll be able to trade into a car that won't come out until a month of two after my lease ends. Hoping so because the model I want won't be out until Q1 of next year. I'm thinking the issue might be that you don't actually sign the new lease until the car shows up which is months after I'll have turned in the current car and made them waive fees.
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What model? s63 coupe? biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by whiteslashasian View Post

I was going to chime in that by far and away the majority of all GL's I see around NYC are of the 450 variety. Once and a while an AMG. Very rarely the 550 and I've yet to see a 350.

really? I feel like I've only seen 550's, hence my comment to Piob about 550 or bust. I'll keep an eye out. Agreed on the 350.
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

What model? s63 coupe? biggrin.gif

AMG GT or bust. No other benz above $60k would be able to compete for my dollar with a Tesla.

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Well...not good. They have a Diamond White Metallic 450 on the lot. It's pretty jammed with some very nice options. Upgraded Harmon stereo, the multiple camera thing, the AMG rims..all kinds of nice stuff. We got stuck $25 a month apart and they walked me. The GM, who has only been there about a year, kept saying to call when I change my mind. I said to my salesguy I've leased four MBs from, "Tell I change my mind or when I walk am I gone?" He told his boss I am indeed gone when I walk. His boss called me while I was having dinner...he still would not move but could not believe I won't come up $25 a month to make a deal. Tried to put me into a less well optioned GL he had on dealer trade. I told him his mistake was not delivering on the car I originally landed on. Now I'm landed on the one with all the upgrades and now I want the upgrades.

My current lease is up in August. Think I'll call MB financial and get a six month extension on this lease. That means they can get me out in December during the big December lease deals they always do. Also I'm hoping the 2015 model year they get with the times and do things like make bi-xenon headlights standard vs. optional, etc.
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Shit, brah, $25? Fuckin' do it!
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It's the fucking principle of the thing. Fuck them.
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25 a month isn't even a grand in profit. Unless you have him already below invoice I can't believe they won't be calling later to meet your terms. And depending on holdbacks, below invoice isn't even a sticking point.
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Has to happen tonight as my lease payment happens tomorrow. It's a dead deal. Fuck that new GM.
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Honestly, it sounds like your pride is getting in the way as well. I understand the principle aspect, but it sounds like a really great car that you really want.

$25? Fuck it. I'd do it.
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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post

Honestly, it sounds like your pride is getting in the way as well. I understand the principle aspect, but it sounds like a really great car that you really want.

$25? Fuck it. I'd do it.

I had to come up a couple hundred already from my current lease payment. Granted I have a gonga deal as they were blowing out the 2012s due to the generation change in 2013 but fuck the new GM. I came to terms on four Mercedes with the old GM. He walked us on Mrs Piob's lease last year and we are saving $300 a month vs. what the ML payment was. The guy thinks he can bend my will? Fuck him. According to what HRoi just posed I can afford an M5.
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