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They've been around for a while. It'd be worth a look at least I'd say.
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Cobb is also very active with Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Evo (both turbocharged applications) modifications. They are definitely a big fish in the US mod ecosystem. As turbocharging becomes more standard due to MPG constraints, I imagine theyre in a good position for the future.
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Cobb, like most aftermarket tuners, usually have products that sell themselves. However, customer service and support are almost just as important. Communication is key!
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I was behind a highly tuned Cobb WRX on the track once. He burst into flames and had to pull off to the side. It was rather exciting. No knock against Cobb --- that's what you get for squeezing a tiny turboed engine hard.

Most tuner companies, even the moderately large ones, are mom-and-pop shops, with all the baggage that comes with that.
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It's definitely exciting and the position is really cool. It's out of my experience range but I'm confident I could crush it.

I like the fact that they're a smaller shop than, say, Dinan, for example, as the role I'm applying for would be "easier" to do well on than at a larger shop.
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The only experience I've had with Cobb is their salads. They are pretty damn good.

All the tuner shops I know are started by one or a few enthusiasts - the better ones have a lot of engineering and R&D knowledge. The very best have that and a ton of small business/customer service experience.

You'd have to do your research on them - how their customers, distributors, partners and suppliers view them. They're also subject to typical small-business challenges - more likely to fail (although I realize Cobb has been around for more than a decade), you're more subject to the whims of the owner than you would at a small company, a "department head" is typically a one or two man show, etc.
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Networking email sent (haven't actually applied yet)!

Hopefully the dude responds tomorrow with a date and time to chat.... so nervous / excited!

Also, I did some research and they were bought by a private equity firm called New Value Capital in 2010 (+44% net sales and +60% EBITDA growth in 2011, a year after they were acquired). The PE firm specializes in companies like Cobb that are related to automotive performance or extreme sports.

For example, they apparenly own K&N and consulted GoPro. Pretty interesting stuff.
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I just signed up to be an Uber driver.

The driver I just got convinced me to. She was the first Caucasian person I've ever had as an Uber driver and incredibly charismatic. We started chatting and she told me she used to be a Mortgage Banker and quit her job after making bank with Uber. She showed me her dashboard and she made $17k since November. That's nothing to sneeze at.

Granted, this is in Boston so maybe the dynamics and market are different, but my plan is to drive on the weekends in Dallas. She clears $400 - $800 / day on the weekends.


Not only is the money pretty decent, but she brought up a great point: it's a fantastic way to meet people. The clientele tend to be upper-income and the networking opportunities are endless. She showed me her stack of business cards she's received: bankers, hedge funders, private equity, physicians, etc.

And I can write off all my car's expenses as bidness expenses!

I'll test it out for a couple weekends and see what kind of revenue I get. If it's decent, I'm going to buy a Prius or something, lol.
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Don't they advertise that you can make up to 50k with uberx? Figure that is generous since it is what they advertise.
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Originally Posted by otc View Post


Don't they advertise that you can make up to 50k with uberx? Figure that is generous since it is what they advertise.

Yeah, I see that ad all the time. That's why I've always been skeptical about it, but I saw her dashboard on her phone and I was absolutely floored.

$17K in 2.5 months? It's not like she's working insane hours, everyday, either.

Most of her fares are in the $10 - $15 range and she said she gives roughly 30 - 40 rides a day.
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$10 x 30 = $300 x 30 = $9,000 gross - gas - vehicle expenses (depreciation, wear and tear, etc.) not to mention you're working every day and if you're giving 30 rides you're definitely working a fair amount. Factor in that you're sitting on your ass all day, driving in traffic... no thanks.
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It would definitely suck as a full-time job, but this lady is loving life.

Extremely extroverted, loves meeting people, and she's making bank while working fewer hours.

You get to set your own hours because you work when you want to work.
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wait until some drunk idiot barfs in your back seat
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I was working with a guy the other day and he mentioned that his nanny does a bit of uberx driving when she is done with their kids.

He lives in the city-proper, so my guess is she grabs a passenger near downtown and hopes they are going towards wherever she lives. I wonder how well that works since you don't know where they are going until after you have agreed to pick them up. Maybe she just keeps going until she is headed in the right direction (or until rush hour traffic dies down if she lives far away).
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