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Oftentimes I feel bad for the purists out there who refuse to drive cars without manual transmissions.

They're missing out on owning some fantastic cars.
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Got an evo X as a loaner yesterday and today, while my car was getting a new bumper (3rd one in three years, even the mechanic joked he would remove the magnet under it)

Automatic was easy to drive, but I still feel that a manual would have been more direct. On itself the car was awesome, great cornering and a lot of fun. Returning it with a full tank of gas wasn't however, that was 75€ in 36 hours with normal work related routes and spirited, but not for me. Ill stick to diesels.
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I need to try an evo soon. Hear theyre tons of fun.

Also, this is meant for styleforum.
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Oftentimes, I feel bad for Europeans who can't get gas for $3.39 a gallon.
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£1.31 per litre which is like $10 a gallon or something. Vomit.
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Hey £1.29! facepalm.gif
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1,65€ at its cheapest, 1,75 to 1,80 at highways. Apparently I'd have to live in a war zone for even higher prices, but those are basically the only places.

Can anybody get me a diplomatic passport? Those guys don't pay taxes on gas..
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In Moscow I pay about €0.70 per liter of 95 Octane petrol. I guess it is one of the only cheap things over here.

Well, taking into consideration that Russia is an oil-producing country it cannot even be called cheap.
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Isn't gas in the Middle East like 99 cents a gallon, or some ridiculous price like that? Maybe even lower
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this fucker has the best job in the world, bar none.

I wonder how much he actually gets paid.. he's owned some pretty expensive cars, but has also had to sell them due to affordability issues...

I'm also surprised that the amg didn't win the drag race.
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New E-Class looks great but the M6 GC is hands down the most beautiful modern sedan.
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Agreed on both counts. Though, I'm ambivalent about the taillights on the e-class.

Also, I'd much rather get an M6, non-GC, over the GC.
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That test should have been with CLS not E class.

Edit: Just watched it, as he indirectly said it would have been more interesting with an Audi RS instead of the Jag and don't think the CLS would be faster.
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I think the CLS and the E are interchangeable like the 6 GC and M5.

edit: here's an RS7 vs M6GC vs CLS comparison:
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Originally Posted by bawlin View Post

I think the CLS and the E are interchangeable like the 6 GC and M5.

I know and after I watched the video, there wasn't an usability review, so in reality it could have been a M6 coupe, with no real difference, to the out come.
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