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Chicago shopping?

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I'm going to Chicago next week, and I'll eventually be moving there. Any shopping suggestions?
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No advice? I know Hejfina, H&M (sort of a big deal to a Californian), and Filene's Basement (same big deal).
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Have you taken a look at the superfuture list?
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Out in Schaumberg near the Ikea is a big shopping center with a Rack, Off 5th, and Last Call.

I just recently moved here, so welcome!
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Woodfield mall in Schaumburg (NW suburbs) is awesome, and has pretty much everything there; considered one of the best malls in the country. Oakbrook mall is a good one in the western suburbs. As for downtown, world-famous michigan avenue has it all, with the more high-end stores just off michigan on the north end on oak street, and at the 900 N. Michigan complex. Watertower place, which is also on North michigan avenue, is pretty much a waste IMO, as almost all the stores are redundant to the one's on michigan ave. itself. I guess it is good if you don't have much time, but not nearly as much selection as all of the stores are smaller. For thrift stores, check out the Belmont street area (a few blocks south of wrigley). Bottom line, if you are going to be around for only a few days, Michigan Ave. is probably the way to go. It is a lot of walking and very crowded, but it is always a good experience, as long as you don't get too overwhelmed. Woodfield mall area is my favorite, but it can also be quite overwhelming, as it is so spread out, and the mall itself is gigantic. In my experiences, you can find good deals both on Michigan ave. and in suburban malls.
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stores i recommend you visit:

marshall field's on state street
american apparel

if wearing logos on your clothes/shoes is your thing than you can hit up the puma and adidas originals stores on rush street. oakbrook mall is really nice, but pretty much everything there is on michigan avenue. there's another H&M in woodfield mall in case you can't find your size in something at the michigan avenue location. yes, i really like H&M, but where else can you get proper fitting shirts for $20?

i was in filene's yesterday and was really disappointed, looked like all reject clothing that wasn't bought at full price elsewhere. shoes were especially bad. to be fair i didn't look at suits or any formal wear, just shopping for streetwear.
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Save the malls for bad weather and just enjoy the north Michigan ave walk and drop into stores on a whim. End up at Oak st and sit in an outdoor cafe and watch the action.
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I was down there on Tuesday.

Filene's Basement is taking clearance on the already low prices - 25-80% off. I got a pair of Salt Works jeans for $18. Hit both the Michigan Ave and State St. location as the clearance sections will have different things.

H&M is also having a clearance sale of 50% off, the quality isn't super high but I got a real cool screen printed tee there, and almost got a real nice light gray and cream seersucker blazer, slim w/ ticket pocket, for $30.

Marshall Fields on State St. is having 40-60% off the designer and streetwear pieces. They had some decent stuff by Varvatos, Trovata, and the usual high-end Italian designers.

Didn't have time for Saks, NM, or Barneys, but they should be having their final clearance sales soon.
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I wouldnt waste your time with any of the department stores, except for bloomingdales off of michigan and barneys co-op on halsted. As far as boutiques, I don't really know what you are into, but here is a list: Hefjina (very overrated and expensive store) Jake Shane (on southport) Active Endeavors (two locations in the city) Out of the west Akira Untitled (more edgier stuff) St. Alfred's (shoe boutique) Denim lounge (in the basement of madison and friends) Aprtment number 9 (never been there, supposed to be nice)
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Gotta agree with most of what's been said. Michigan Ave. is good shopping, and while crowded, can be a fun experience too. If you're looking for a more relaxed shopping experience, about 35 minutes Southwest (take the Eisenhower [290] West to 88 and you'll literally drive right up to it) is Oak Brook, which is one of the nicest shopping malls I've been to just about anywhere.
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