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OK, so I'm heading to NYC this weekend and my brother, who has never been, is coming with me. We're pretty much huge nerds. I really, really wanted to go to Barcade but their 21+ rule prevents that (he's 18) so I need a good replacement store or arcade. Something aesthetically pleasing as well as fun. To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, my other stops on this trip include Giant Robot Gallery, tons of clothing stores (Odin, Watts, Fabulous Fanny's, etc.), Brooklyn Superhero Co., all the great pizza shops (pizza two meals a day for the win) and we're staying at the Gershwin and seeing a show at Bowery. Lots of art and lots of dorky fun.

So yeah, I know nothing about gaming in NYC besides web2zone (friend owns it), Barcade and videogamesnewyork (which isn't the kind of memorable place I'm looking for). I need to find a great gaming place for my brother. I know you're out there, so Style Forum nerds unite!