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The first shoe is the full strap penny. I'll be ordering a pair in about 6 weeks. The only hitch with Quoddy Trail is that it's only a couple of guys in Maine hand sewing shoes so delivery time can be a bit long. Like 1-2 months.
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Originally Posted by dhinggok
So, basically you think that the mocs and the Dunks and/or Speedcats are the best combo? If that is the case, what do you think about the Banana Republic Urban driving loafer :

You said that the driving shoes wear out quickly, but this seems to have added support. I really, really like the J. Crew Milbrook penny loafers, but they only come in dark brown and I would ideally wear them with my black velvet blazer from Theory, which I highly recommend, or my pinstriped blazer, or possibly my plain dark blue blazer. Thus, I feel like I need black shoes, right?

I'm not fond of those. They look like those tempurpedic shoes from Brookstone.
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I found boots that I like. Here they are:

Now I have two problems. One, they are out of my budget. Two, I would be giving up both the Puma Speedcat US Editions and the Nike Dunks for them and I don't know if that is good trade off or not? If I was working and a little bit older and in a different environment, this wouldn't be a question, I would go with the boots. However, I am 18 and in college, so it is a question and a very hard one at that. Especially given that it is slightly out of my budget.
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I saw those exact boots at Nordstrom Rack for $129.
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Decide if you can wear that boot every day. Is your style such that it would look at home with your clothes? It's a pretty expensive boot for an 18 year old if you'd only be wearing it a couple of times a week. I'll admit here that I'm generally against the idea of designer boots so I do have a bias. For the same price you could get this boot from Alden and I think you'd have better construction and access to Alden's recrafting service. It's a boot that would last you more than a decade. I'm ok with designers for clothes for the most part and I understand the markup on them, but with shoes and boots I think money is best spent with shoe and boot makers proper.
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I'm rather fond of Varvatos boots and shoes for the most part. As I commented before, the construction looks pretty good. One thing you might want to keep in mind though is if you're talking about Varvatos is that a lot of his footwear is pretty soft and comfortable and might not be incredibly durable for NE winters.
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Originally Posted by familyman
The one thing that's always confused me about this forum is the love for dry denim and breaking it in yourself so the distressing is 'real' and 'genuine' and then one thread over the love for pre-distressed boots. I understand that boots take WAY longer to really break in and show wear, but they also last much longer and are less fickle style wise.
I tend to agree. If I had my choice of paying a couple hundred doillars for dry denim or a pair of Red Wings, I'd choose the latter. It's the better investment long-term.
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anyone here wear aldo's? was in their store recently for the first time, they have some decent looking boots and casual shoes. the boots are mostly made in italy, shoes romania and china :/ i kinda like these, on sale for $60: also thinking about these kenneth cole sneakers, made in italy:
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Aldo shoes are garbage. They're disposable at best. I also think that sneaker is quite ugly and reeks of Italian eurotrash, but that's just me.
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I'm not fond of that sneaker. You can likely get something of nicer quality and IMO better design elsewhere for less than $60 USD.
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It looks like a Puma or Adidas which would be better than anything Aldo puts out.
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Just say no to Aldo.
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Is it okay to post my own shoe inquiries here? Just yell at me if I'm not welcome. Anyway, I just bought these Mark Nassons, mainly because for the look. I wish these came in a more caramel/golden color since that shade really goes well with my slim kims. From what I'm reading, Mark Nasons gotten mixed review from you guys. I did read up on the reviews on Zappos and almost everyone seems to like the quality so I guess I'll have to see for myself when I get them next week.
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The toes are very...... square. If you like that then you've hit gold. I think square toes are a bit dated already. Maybe I'm wrong and you'll be able to wear them for years and years. Personally I don't like square toes and I don't like fashion boots. But that's just me and one person's opinion isn't worth much.
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Ugh... those boots hit me like a sledgehammer to the gut. Not a fan. The super-square toe is a deal-breaker----so gross. And expensive yes? Picking up the KC gauntlet, indeed.
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