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Originally Posted by shoreman1782
For boots, maybe a real workboot, like red wings or justin ropers. You'll have to wear them in yourself, though.

This is wise. The one thing that's always confused me about this forum is the love for dry denim and breaking it in yourself so the distressing is 'real' and 'genuine' and then one thread over the love for pre-distressed boots. I understand that boots take WAY longer to really break in and show wear, but they also last much longer and are less fickle style wise.
I'll make a guess here and say that boots will be the next dry denim. Or not.
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Originally Posted by familyman
I'll make a guess here and say that boots will be the next dry denim.
That's true for me. My selvage denim fund is now my boot loot. However, I don't see boots as a replacement for jeans, just another addiction.
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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife

you are getting more random by the minute... and i feel it is my fault. i know i broke your brain, but isnt it time you got it fixed?
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My mod told me I'm special.
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your mod... then it must be true.

on-subject... get some 2-tone dunks
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i like these red wings. international model so i don't think they sell them in stores here. though i've seen them on ebay for $50 a pop.

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John Varvatos has great shoes and boots that go with jeans and suits too. Some are rather edgy and are versions of standard designs with a twist.
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I have these Future Cats, I like them. Had to size up though. WHat other sorts of boots do you like?
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I own a pair of Chocolate Brown and Clay Red Speed Cats, they are very comfortable but suck if you plan to walk around on the street a lot. with that thin sole you feel every crack and crease in the ground. I think the FutureCats are pretty cool too. They stand out with the off center laces and split heel.
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So, basically you think that the mocs and the Dunks and/or Speedcats are the best combo? If that is the case, what do you think about the Banana Republic Urban driving loafer :

You said that the driving shoes wear out quickly, but this seems to have added support. I really, really like the J. Crew Milbrook penny loafers, but they only come in dark brown and I would ideally wear them with my black velvet blazer from Theory, which I highly recommend, or my pinstriped blazer, or possibly my plain dark blue blazer. Thus, I feel like I need black shoes, right?
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i really dont like those br shoes.... too square and too black
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Since you mentioned the Milbrook I have to add this as another option. It's from handsewn in Maine, you choose the leather. They're largely made to order and (others have told me) you can choose to delete the heel foxing or slightly change other details. Resoleable for cheap and top quality leather. They should last you for years if they are a look that you like. They also have a venetian loafer style if you prefer that. You can get both shoes in black, brown or cinnamon. Let me know if I'm getting a little too trad for any of you.
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hmmm.... maybe im trad at heart, but i like those. would look good with some vintage 501s.
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Again, you're probably not going to offend anyone at school wearing those BR loafers, but I don't like them. That velvet jacket might go well with a pair of those Nort SF dunks, though.

Since whoever posted the Quoddy Trail link on AA (you, familyman?) I've really dug their 3-eyelet boat shoes.

More Trad than dhinggok is looking for, I'm betting. (Un)fortunately, I just bought a pair of J Crew's 2-eyelets for $30.
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