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I have to agree with AHarris and frankly I really resent the notion that Ebay sellers should be suspected of selling counterfeit or stolen merchandise but this is a common story you hear from retailers. The major labels have their own watchdogs watching Ebay and Ebay comes down hard on sellers who sell such things. You can't knock off an Oxxford suit - to do so would be next to impossible (unless you had Kiton do it.) and not worth the effort. Same thing on shoes and most clothing items. Ties and accessories are knocked off and sold in lots of internet stores - and on every street corner in Rome, Florence and Milan. Telling the difference is not hard as very few fakes are passable as the real thing. Does it happen? Sure it does but it happens elsewhere as well and it is very much the exception, not the rule. A perfect example of how Ebay sellers can sell waaaay under retail: I go to Italy 5-6 times each year and we have been able to procure things such as 150 suits and sportcoats, NWT, for less than 1/3 of wholesale. Obviously you need $15k cash in hand to make such deals but overstocks are out there if you do your homework and bust your tail. I also know a few places where i can clean up on overstocks of high end designer stuff - you can't knock off any of the handmade stuff very easily and it would never pass muster with someone who knows the label. 1-2 feedbacks saying 'this seller sold me a fake' and an ebay seller is finished. If you see a fake on Ebay - report it to the label and Ebay. Most of the stories about Ebay being filled with stolen/counterfeit goods are nothing more than rumors started by pissed off retailers who are gettin undercut. If you deal with sellers with strong feedback histories, pay by credit card through paypal and know your merchandise ebay is very low risk. There are what, 50 million ebay auctions going on at the moment? I'd challenge anyone to post a link to one offering knockoff Oxxford, Kiton, Canali etcetera or one you think is stolen and why. ...but have a better reason than "the price is cheaper than wholesale".