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Thighs & Ass!!

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I just bought a pair of Salt Works jeans (Rivington Relaxed Straight - Midnite Wash). I love them. Someone on this board mention SW jeans 'feel cool', I know what he's talking about now.

So what's the prob? Well I went with a size 34 and everything but the butt & upper thigh area is perfect. I dunno if I should juet keep them and let them break in and loosen up (they do squeeze the 'boys' a bit). Or should I exchange them for a 36? I know from experience that most denim will stretch but there is lycra in these - does that make a difference?

What to do meng!!

PS: Where are 35's when you need them.

Help please.............
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It's a lot of work to stretch out washed jeans, as compared to dry ones. If "the boys" are feeling the squeeze, go a size up. If they don't have 35 (frowns), go for the 36. My $0.02.
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I would keep the 34s. I have a pair of Diesel washed jeans that stretch out an entire size about wearing them for a day.
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