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Opinions-Santoni vs. AE

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I need to replace my pair of lace up black shoes. I've narrowed it down to the Santoni Brenden and the AE Delray. The price difference is pretty significant. I already bought the Santoni at the Nordstrom sales for $350, but then I saw the AE on sale @ this website for $150(great deal):

Here are pics of the shoes:

Thanks for your opinions.
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They've also got the Fairfax on sale for $155.
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Many men on this forum rate Santoni over Allen-Edmonds. I am not sure I would agree with this when it comes to the more popularly priced Santoni lines, but perhaps I am too much a partisan of Allen-Edmonds to be unbiased.

That price of $154.95 for the Delray is amazing. Allen-Edmonds price for seconds if $222. Even at an outlet sale, this only drops to $189.

However, I would have to question your eagerness to acquire split toe bluchers in black for your wardrobe. I find this to be a combination of very limited utility--too sporty a style for most circumstances calling for black shoes. For instance, I purchased the similar A-E Bradley in black before I knew better, but I find I really have difficulty creating ensembles where they look halfway decent. The Bradley in chili, however, is one of my favorite and most often worn shoes.
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In terms of styling, I give the edge to the Santoni. But I would not pay a $200 premium for it.

That said, I agree with JLibourel on the issue of split-toes in black, particularly as your phrasing suggests you keep only one pair.
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I guess you feel the split toe in black in not formal enough to wear with a suit? My usual attire for work is a pair of dress pants (not khakis) and a shirt, no tie. Sometimes I will need to wear a sportcoat. I think I favor the Santoni and I even tried them on with jeans and they looked great, but it's the extra $200 that's making me think maybe I should get the AE's..these are the tough decisions in life....
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I prefer Santoni but I might be too Italy focused for a good read. The AE last has never fit my feet well on the shoes I tried. I also have two pairs of Santoni and they have held up well.
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Also, I've read posts from other members making reference to buying their Santonis at deep discounts. I've seen some listed on Ebay but I'm hard pressed to find them readily available "on the cheap", in my size. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it. BTW I'm a 9.5D. Cheers....
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i own santoni brenden moc toe, braden penny loafer, darren captoe, and my newest is santoni FAM algonquin split toe that they carry at nordstrom.

i just couldnt resist the FAM; i ve had my eye on that shoe since last year and i just recently bought it over july 4th weekend.

the santonis are my most comfortable shoes. and the most stylish. my guccis are stylish but with more euroflair. santonis are more classic looking.

the leathers shine up really good. and they feel substantial. my aes have substantial leather as well, but i have a difficult time trying to spit shine them.

for price, if i had the money i wouldnt mind buying santoni classics at the sale price of 350 now. it is a good buy. but however, i have gotten all the above classics at 160 or less. either at nordstrom rack or through ebay (darren).

the only santoni i paid over 500 was the santoni fam. total 650 including a gift card i used that i received for my birthday.

the FAM is excellent, succulent and decadent. i just cant put them on and walk around all day in the streets fearing they will become less than pristine. i want to keep them pristine for a while. just take them out and admire them and put them back into their shoebags and box.
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