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Have You Ever Ordered from Tribal Hollywood?

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Hi all. I apologize if this is not in the correct spot, but I didn't know where else to go with this question. I was wondering if any of you fellas have ordered necklaces or pendants from Tribal Hollywood ( and if so, what you think of their products. Are they worth it or are they kind of low-end/cheap junk?
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@ClassGuy1 I have never ordered from them, but have heard that they are good. I like some of their King Baby necklaces, but they are a little too pricey and I personally would rather buy a nice pair of jeans for the money. I found Tribal Mayhem ( and found the same items that I wanted cheaper. Got here in 3 day with free shipping so no complains there.

As far the quality, since I'm pretty sure they both carry most of the same products, I can say that in my case yes the quality was very good for the price. The "alpha" necklace I purchased is still in great shape and so are the pendants. The chain feels actually pretty heavy and I was surprised when I first put it on. There are several other companies that sell similar products, but TM is the only one that I have dealt with and I can say that they exceeded my expectations. Cheap, fast, and high quality products.
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I just received a necklace I ordered from Tribal Hollywood. It is as it appeared on the website. It looks great and the pricing seemed to be fair for what I ordered. Tey do have some unique jewlery for men and I will probably order from them again.

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I ordered from TRIbAL Hollywood and it is an absolute scan site. I spent 200 dollars on a bracelet and it showed up in a ten cent box and looked like a 40 cent bracelet. When I touched it, it leaked black ink on my hand. This website should be out of business !!!!!!! Do NOT order from these scam artists! You can get REAL Scott Kay jewlery from A legit store ..: and it will be packaged nicely and won't be counterfeit. I am so embarrassed to have spent this much money on Garbage and to have given it as a gift.
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They're good. Their products are good and they have good and fast service. I even asked them for a favor and they accepted with a friendly attitude.

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This comment seems to be a scam itself. What are you trying to do here? What this man/woman says here is not true. They may use just some cheap packaging so that it would weight less. But if they have fast delivery and good quality products, then who cares about the packaging? If you care more about the package than what's inside, then you should probably see a doctor.

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Just bought a leather strap bracelet for $24 to replace one I bought from a street vendor for $5 almost 17 years ago. It came delivered in an envelope, and I thought the envelope was empty because it was so light. Well, sure enough the bracelet was inside, and although it is exactly as pictured on the site, it is barely thicker than a sheet of paper. My old leather strap bracelet was as thick as a belt and lasted 17 years of daily wear, including the beach. I will be lucky to get 17 days out of this paper-thin display piece before I accidentally tear it or the metal snaps come off. Complete cheap piece of crap.
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only on fuckin styleforum

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