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Wear this with what?

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Hi there, i have been interested in dressing (preferably well ) just for few months. Since I've been just graduated and I'm also pisspoor (until I find a decent job), I just purchase cheap stuff on sale and try to combine them somehow. Today I ordered this coat (or sports jacket):

What would you wear with that? Jeans? Are Black shoes ok, or do brown ones look better? How about white sneakers?

Any advice is really appreciated.
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That jacket looks very versatile, and would go well with jeans, or corduroys in a jean cut. As for me, I'd go with brown shoes, as black seems way too formal and conservative for that jacket
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Jeans, maybe wool or cotton pants in navy or charcoal, I would say black or brown shoes/boots or sneakers would be fine with it.
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I like your jacket; it's very versatile and would go well with jeans or virtually any trousers in an earthtone, with a soft finish. So colors to wear with it include charcoal, navy, tan, or olive. The only colors I would avoid are black or a brown shade close in color to the jacket. Fabrics to wear include corduroy, denim, or tweed. I'd wear brown or cordovan shoes/boots and belt with that jacket, but white sneakers might also work, depending on your age group (I wouldn't do it, but I'm approaching geezerdom).
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