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size down 2, with wear it will stretch out, that is without hot soak
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It seems like everyone has their own sizing advice for tanner belts.
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Belts are easy to size - get a tape measure and measure your own (well fitting) belt, and ask for measurements from shops.

The size down/size up business is garbage - just measure!
Will save you money and headache.
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My experience ordering a size up was that it was far too big. If you buy a Tanner belt go TTS off your waist size. Or, you can follow the very precise and detailed sizing instructions on LeatherGoodsConnection and not only get your size right the first time, but also equal or better quality leather and construction, better hardware, and faster/better customer service at a better price. I own belts from both companies.
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I'm a 31 waist and wear a 34 Tanner Goods belt. Maybe it's just me, but I like a bit of extra leather strap.

BTW, I've got one for sale right now:
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Sorry to bump this old thread but I would like to order a Tanner Good belt.
Everybody seems to forget about specifying the hole you close the belt on.
I really like having the belt closed on the middle hole (2 holes before and 2 afters left).

I am a true W33 and it is really hard to decide smile.gif
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I'm a true 34" waist and bought a 34" belt and I wear it on the middle hole but it's pretty tight and I'll go one looser occasionally depending in the pants and the rise (low rise I need to loosen).

I will say the quality of Tanner Goods belts aren't quite what they used to be. I have one from years ago and the leather is noticeably thicker and nicer. I also like the snap closure around the buckle on the old one compared to the rivets on the current one. New one is not bad for a chino belt, which is what I'm using it for...but it's not as substantial as I like for a good jeans belt. My Context leather belt is much nicer for jeans, more like the Tanner Goods of a few years ago as far a leather quality goes, but with a nicer buckle.
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Thank you slide13 for your very informative feedback.
I just ordered a tag 32 from FUSshop. I guess it will be too small since I am a W33 but I followed the size chart from Tanner Good and Blue Owl. Wait & See...
If if too small I will send it back and look at the Context ones.
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Ok I received my TG standard belt (Havana color) in tag 32.

As expected I am between two sizes.

Let's paste the BOW measurements for this belt:
* Size 32 - measures 32" to first hole, 33" to second, 34" to third, 35" to forth, and 36" to fifth
* Size 34 - measures 34" to first hole, 35" to second, 36" to third, 37" to forth, and 38" to fifth

I close the belt on the forth hole in size 32.
Regarding the above measurement, I assume I would close it on the second hole in tag 34.

Since Tanner Goods does not make size 33 there is no way I can close the belt in the middle hole.
In this case what is the best ? More excess lengh or less?

The leather is quite thick. Do you think the belt will stretch a bit over time (in that case I would rather keep the size 32 to maybe reach the middle hole in the future) ?
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