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Can you run an ssh server on it?

If so, you could SSH into your phone and use a few simple commands to get your files:
ssh user@phone
cd pictures
scp dicture.jpg user@computer:/pictures/totweet/

and you're done...or if you know exactly what file you want, skip sshing in and just do (from your computer)
scp user@phone:/pictures/dicture.jpg /pictures/totweet/

The only problem I see here is that any service that does what you want is going to be a battery life hit. Either you are always running an SSH daemon or you are always running some sort of file server--something has to be alive and listening for you to connect. If it is not running directly, you will have to launch an app which goes against what you are looking for.
Good point. I bet it is concerns over battery life that limit the deployment of always-on network services like that.