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Just washed my 7-month old RRDS: (long)

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I had a full day of washing: 7 loads of laundry, my poor car (1st personal wash this year) and my 219.5 day old RRDS. For the most part, I wore these everyday since November, save semi-/formalwear days and a few weeks while they were on the DL (tailoring).

Re. Tailoring: These were cut a few days after wearing because I did not want to cuff them the entire 7 months. I let the denim bunch up a little before the tailor took off ~1". And he did chainstitch the mofos. The crotch sprouted a hole on each leg around six months. I had them repaired at 182 days and then began my Veggies (which, I foresee, won't get the same attention as the RRDS).


We all know what they look like new, but here's a pic for fun:

Here are what they looked like on me, before wash:

Laid flat in natural sunlight, before wash:

I used three squirts of Dr. Bronner's (Tea Tree) and warm-hot water. Once diluted, I lightly hand washed with the jeans right-side-out. I then let them soak inside-out for just over an hour.

I did not soak when new, so I expected shrinkage. They did. Doh! I didn't take "before" measurements, but from my estimation, they shrunk 1.5" and 2" in the waist and inseam, respectively. The waist shrinkage is welcome as they were a little loose. I pulled on each of the legs for a few minutes until I got the desired inseam.


It was too dark to take outdoor pictures, so I just snapped a few in my living room. I hope to have proper, daylight, pictures by next weekend. Post wash/dry:

And for [rough] comparison:

I'm very happy with the results. I am expecting some SS Dry (non-selv); depending on the fit, they will become my main project. I'll still wear the RRDS and Veggies, so the Svens will take some time. I really like the RR cut and plan on trying another size down in RRDS and perhaps RRDG, even though I much prefer DS' color. Thanks for reading!
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Very nice.
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Those look great, I love the lap fading on those, much more pronounced than on some people's...
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Agreed. Superlative lap fade. What sort of activities do you do in your jeans----anything unusual? Do you work out of doors? Did your jeans have a funk before the wash? Good job. 9 out of 10 rivets.
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They look great. So did the length stretch back to what it was before washing?
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wow those look great...i like them better unwashed!
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They look awesome.
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Thanks for the positive comments, everyone!

I wore these at least 16 hours a day. I work in an office/lab environment, so they don't get too much wear there, aside from my walking/stairstepping. I also walk a lot in Berkeley/Oakland and SF. I'll go clubbing, play golf, practice my [basketball] shot, or ride the bike, but nothing really out-of-ordinary.

Luckily, I don't sweat that much. Never did my jeans smell, let alone wreak. Some drinks spilled on them and I quickly blotted, but the jeans weren't actually that dirty. I aired them in the sun twice, and on average, hung them once a week indoors, overnight.

I surely could've gone longer, but I was anxious. These were my first dry jeans. I'm looking forward to see how they continue to wear...
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Four bongo controllers!
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amazing, i really like how they look pre-wash.
how 'bout some in-the-sun post-wash?
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Wow. Lookin really good. Those fishnets rock.
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Amazing. I'll be absolutely thrilled if my RRDS turn out anything like that.
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Those look great! Definitely one of the nicest pair of worn RRDS's that I've seen.

Although, does the color actually look like the color in the last pic (the indoor pic)? Just from looking at the photo, it appears that the white balance is pretty off in the photo... would be cool to see a pic of them under natural light.
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are you a triathlete?
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That's what dry denim's all about man.
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