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Sock Color Matching

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I've been searching on SF and across the internet but I can't seem to find consensus, even on SF, on how sock colors should be matched.

I found that there seem to be three schools of thought but I'm not really sure which, if any, is more appropriate and accepted.

1) Match it to the pants so that it extends your leg and highlights the outline of the shoe

2) match it to the shoe

3) wear a funky color/match it with some other color besides the pant or shoe (the more funky route)

I would only use 1 or 2 since I lack the fashion acumen to not screw up 3.

In a business/formal environment, which one should I follow?
In a casual environment (jeans, chinos)?
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In my business/formal environment, #1.
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I don't think socks should match the color of either the trousers or shoes, but I also don't like funky socks. That leaves me with solid nayy, burgundy, and brown 99% of the time. Navy almost always works.
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they should match the shoes
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If you're going to match, match to your pants. It really does look much better. However, 'fun' but appropriate socks are superiour in every other way. Match to tie, shirt, cufflinks, underwear, skin tone, overcheck, or don't even bother matching at all.
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I don't wear socks.

If you look at all the cool sartorial icons/examples that have their pictures taken by the likes of the Sartorialists, in all the mens fashion magazines, no socks is the rule.

Therefore I forego socks.

You should too.
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I am a fan of socks, and find sockless life to be sweaty, boorish, and joyless. I prefer colourful socks in strange patterns and textues. I've never had anybody say anything negative about my socks, in fact, I have actually received compliments on them. Once in fact, from a lady with the poor judgment to fall for my clever sock ruse and give me access to her naughty bits.
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Standard advice is #1 - match to the trousers. This helps if the pants have been cut too short and make your leg look longer.

I'd say 1 > 3 > 2. 1 is the best (its the "rule"), 3 is more "interesting". I see a lot of guys around work doing #2 though, so #2 might actually be the norm.
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For business clothes the preferred route is to match the trousers--but in a darker hue. For example, if wearing a mid-grey suit, charcoal socks would work. However, complementing or contrasting the color of the trousers is perfectly acceptable for less formal occasions. For example, the same mid-grey suit would work fine with navy socks.

For truly casual occasions, I say let the world be your oyster--dealer's choice.

However, at best these are social paradigms rather than black and white law. You may enjoy other combinations.

Only on the occasion of sailing your own boat or engaging in some water sport (kayaking, swimming, etc) is the no socks paradigm acceptable. If you are wearing a suit, it is never acceptable to not wear socks. I believe this to be black and white law.
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Originally Posted by gaseousclay View Post
they should match the shoes

Ah, so it looks like your wearing a skin tight knee high bootie...

Always match it to the trousers.
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match it to the tie. These two accessories are the ones usually giving a touch of color to dark cloths.
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well I guess it is asking a bit much for a consensus lol
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Always wear red. Done.
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I dare say Mr Niidawg is the SF sock expert for option 3.

I await his response!

I am a noob in this area and all other dressing matters, but for business I wear socks that
Are a slight shade darker than the trousers but have a degree of pattern.

My favourite is a polka dot sock, I have navy socks with white polka dots, and also mid grey socks with
A black polka dot.

For more casual business dress and informal dress, I plan to experiment more.
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If you're going to match, then match your trousers. I also like to use a colour from my dress shirt.
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