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Originally Posted by rdawson808
I was thinking of people who actually take care of their finances.

You can use the card when you want to go shopping and simply write a check (or have it deducted auto) from your bank acct at the end of the month. Why do it that way? Because you're not going to carry $5000 on you.

What you say about CC balances in general is certainly true. But I think people who manage to save money and accrue wealth don't let those balances hang around. I have a friend who was once told by a CC company that they were going to cancel his card because they never earned any fees on him. He paid his full bill every month. He owns two homes now. He isn't rich, but on his college prof's salary, he has managed his income very well. I on the other hand...

I absolutely agree that's the smart approach. But the reality is that many people have lots of disposal income because they inherited it or are currently making a lot of money and don't have the sense to save, etc. Indeed, if you're a frugal saver you probably aren't doing much NM shopping. My only point was that given that there are a significant number of people in any economic bracket that will accumulate a credit card balance, I susect NM is motivated more with fleecing those who carry balances than "rewarding" those who don't.
The notion that someone who shops at an upscale store much have gotten to be rich because they're smart, frugal savers has a vaguely social darwinist flavor I don't accept. Trust me, there are more than enough profligate, irresponsible wealthy idiots out there to keep NM and others in business.
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Originally Posted by RJman
Slightly O/T -- I'll agree with rajesh that Diner's Club had the best service, indeed was the best card I've ever had. Except so few places took it.

Well now you get the Matercard acceptance - and the service has not dimished. Also the card is basically fee free because I pay for the annual fee in points - but then again my average monthly charges are significant.
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NM also takes the Bergdorf Goodman card.

When I was in high school, NM would take Visa/MC only if you could show that you were a non-US citizen. When we went to Boston on school outings, the foreign students would go to the customer services desk, show their passport and use their Visa or MC to purchase gift certificates for the amount of their purchases.
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AmEx has done a good job creating an image of exclusivity, but in fact they are less selective about who they will give a card to than most of the banks that issue Visa/MC cards. Just about anyone can get a green AmEx.

I have an AmEx Starwood card, but only because the rewards are far better than any other travel-related credit card.
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Originally Posted by cchen
I don't want to turn this discussion into AMEX vs Visa/MC, but AMEX offers plenty of fee-free cards, and for the charge cards, the rewards are very good for those who take advantage of it.

Yes, just have to know which card to select.
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Do they take Player's Club?
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Do they take Player's Club?

Who loves ya baby?

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Originally Posted by shoreman1782
Do they take Player's Club?


Off topic: I just read much of the kalra thread (I just don't have time for it all). I've read some others as well. While I recognize the entertainment value of him (among other trolls and eccentrics), I'm glad he's gone. He was an ass, based on my readings.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program....
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
Just open a Neiman's card. Not that hard.

Years and years ago, when i boutght two suits at NM and tried to pay with Visa, they immediately gave me a NM charge card which i used to pay for my merch.

That's when i dawned on me that one way to build their inhouse charge card business --with its huge interest earnings -- was to issue one to everyone who was solvent enough to qualify for Visa or MC.

i don't think i ever used my NM cad after that first time.
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Just bought a pair of oxxford pants, they took visa without any question. Oakbrook , Il store.
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