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Love Hamilton, Seiko makes great watches too. I'd buy mechanical, either manual wind or automatic.
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Originally Posted by ArliHawk` View Post
Whatever you think, Omega was my first watch. Just bought a Tag lately. Plus, the group think is always interesting. Everyone wears raw denim to be different from everyone else, thereby conforming.
I like omega. I see alot of people with quartz Tags were I am.
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Originally Posted by Razele View Post
^ Look bad and generic.

Everyone who wants a 'luxury' watch buys one.

I'd have to disagree, Tag Heuer just tends to be more modern, style-wise than others. Tag gets a lot of hate because of how they market themselves but you really can't blame them because it is what sells.

Take Omega for example, they are trying to go head to head with Rolex by taking them out of most ADs and increasing the price is a good long term move but it willt ake longer for them to be on par as Rolex, their image has to be redone and that won't happen anytime soon. Plus Swatch Group are being jackasses by controlling the watch movement supply so that their brand gets the advantage while also fighting the gray market (see Omega vs. Costco) to make Omega more prestigeous than it really is.

So with Omega raising their prices and one of the top 3 most well-known watches to the general public, of course Tag Heuer gets the market for people looking to get that first expensive watch whiole Rolex gets the upper echelon. Tag Heuer also aims at the younger crowd with their more modern designs. Plus they cover all the price ranges, fromt eh cheaper f1 to the more expensive $10k Grand Carreras. Omegas cheapest quartz is $2k. Plus I rarely see any problems with Tag Heuer either, the movements they use, although ETA, are pretty robust. While in Omega, who supposedly makes "in-house" movements has several problems with their co-axial on the SMP and the movements reliability on the Speedmaster. Tag Heuer has been pretty innovative in movements as well, the Calibre 36 based on the Zenith movement, the Calibre S and now the new 1887.

Tag Heuer just came out with a new in-house movement (based on a japanese movement)and will release it in the Carrera 1887 for the same price as the Carrera right now and the watch looks great.
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Originally Posted by Biggie_Robs View Post
With regard to Laco, who makes a fine watch, my preference is for the type-B dial:

Do they make that one (no logo or date) in 42mm?
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Another idea in the Flieger department is to pick up a Timefactors Speedbird III. I have one and it is a truly excellent value. With the $ to british pound exchange at the moment it is a bargain. Here's a review: I have mine on a leather strap like this:
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Originally Posted by JoelF View Post
Automatic is SF approved.

Not a good reason to do anything
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Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 View Post
Not a good reason to do anything

No??? I'm shocked, shocked to hear.

It's funny, ten years ago I bought a Rolex because I guess I thought it was baller. Then more recently a Tag Carrera because I liked the way it looked. Now I've gravitated down to a very low key job environment and mostly wear Seiko military.
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Hamilton Jazzmaster or one of the Seiko military watches is what I wold buy.

Should also check out stowa:
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Originally Posted by SeanH View Post
Do they make that one (no logo or date) in 42mm?
This watch is no. 21 out of 50 made for/designed by the military watches subforum on Watchuseek. IIRC it is 42mm. You can find a huge thread describing the process on the site. I believe there were plans by Laco to produce a serial version, but they were put on hold. I don't know the status of the project right now. Laco has an official subforum on Watchuseek now. That would be the best place to research your question.
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Originally Posted by jhcam8 View Post
Those Seiko's are good or you can pick up a nice, vintage Seiko diver for about the same money. Some of the rarer models cost more but there's a good selection for <500.
Also, I've seen some vintage Seiko chronos that are large-ish and have Kanji/English day wheels with some unusual colors in yr px range.

I think your vintage Seiko idea is a good one, but keep in mind two issues:

1) you will probably need to get the movement overhauled. I got a nice speedtimer bullhead worked on by Ken Setser (, and it runs great now, but it significantly added to the up front cost of the watch.

2) be mindful of the case condition. Many vintage watches, mine included, can be made dustproof and water resistant, but not really submersible due to corrosion where the caseback screws into the case.
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Originally Posted by Macintosh View Post
Any recommendations? I was thinking of getting a simple Movado but I'm not sure if that's proper for daily wear. What do you guys think?

I wear mostly Hamilton (Khaki King Auto on a black deadstock croc grain strap, tan croc/gold Dodson), Seiko (white Atlas, orange Sea Urchin, all black See Urchin, all seiko 5 sports) and Orient (blue mako). I also have a rose gold/brown Skagen and an all silver cheapo Seiko 5.

All automatics (I think the Hamiltons are ETA 2824's and the Skagens are Miyota movement; Seiko and Orient are in-house movements). Easy to get, except for the Hammy Khaki King auto, all can be had for less than $200, and in many cases less than $150 or $100.
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those using automatics, do you use watch winder cases? I have 1 automatic in my rotation, but never use it as I don't have time to shake it to recharge it and reset it, as a watch is the last thing I grab while rushing to leave in the morning.
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For a good, affordable automatic watch, I wouldn't look farther than Orient or Seiko 5 if you want Japanese, and Sea-Gull makes great Chinese automatics.
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