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Dyeing cashmere sweater

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I have a RL Polo 100% cashmere cable knit sweater in a camel color that looks horrid with my complexion. I'm thinking of dyeing it a chocolate brown.  The dyes that work best for animal fibers require hot water, but I don't know how hot I can go before this sweater turns into a pocket square.  I do vaguely recall reading some website that recommended washing wool and cashmere sweaters in hot water with no agitation (to avoid 'fulling'), which makes me think it's possible.  Anyone here have any tips?
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Anyone here have any tips?
Take it to a professional, unless you got it really cheap and the cost of dyeing would be more than the cost of the sweater.
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forgot to mention: this was a $15 ebay pickup, so I'm willing to experiment. I don't care if I ruin it, but I'd like to increase my chances of success
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What kind of dye are you using? If it's something like RIT from the drugstore, just try it warm and if it doesn't work try it again hotter. I found a site once that explained how to dye wool without shrinking it, I'll see if I can find it. Something about not shocking it with hot water or not shocking it with cold water rinse.
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Okay, I found some stuff. It appears that what causes shrinkage is heat and agitation. So when you do it, don't agitate it and don't let the water get ultra hot. You will need an acid dye, and I don't know where you can get it but there are places online. Try this page: It's about yarn but it's the same idea. Good luck.
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Thanks, J...great site.  I'll give it a shot.  I already have some dye from dharma trading co.; it's an acid variety and the guidelines for use are very similar.
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