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Pictures of my olive Dovers....

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A few months ago, I recieved a pair of Edward Green Dovers in olive (or as I like to call them "My green Greens"). Here are some pictures:

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Interesting color. I bet they look nice with charcoal. what to do about the belt?
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I ordered a matching olive colored belt.
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Fine shoes.
Thanks for the pictures.
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Haven't worn them yet?
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday
Haven't worn them yet?

Sorry, I suppose I should have provided more commentary.

I received the shoes in March, and took pictures immediately. Only today did I get around to posting pictures.

I have worn them around the house and to the supermarket, but they are not fully broken in yet. I plan to wear them to the office, and will go with a navy suit and a moss green tie. I will also wear them with a tan summer suit and an olive colored suit in the autumn. I think they will go great with dark jeans.

I did not request that the shoes be antiqued, so they are very very green. At first I was a bit disappointed by this. When I placed the order, I had imagined that when I stood, the casual observer would see only an inky black toe. When I sat down and my trousers rode up a bit, the careful observer would note that the shoes gradually lighten into an olive as the eye traveled up to the laces. I may use some black cream and polish on these, or just let them develop the patina they desire.

A recent poll asked about toe taps. I always ask for them. Unfortuntately, with my green Greens, I did not specify that i wanted the taps to be sunk into the leather and flush with the front of the toe. Thus, this pair has the taps sitting on the surface of the sole.

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Gorgeous color. 888 last?
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Sweet green Greens!
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Thank you Mussel. 606 last, size 8/8.5
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Interesting color! Those are definitely unique.
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Love them Bic! Your olive is defintely greener than mine, but I think I like both equally. The Dover was an excellent choice too.
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I never saw green shoes before. They must be perfect for a walk in the grass.
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What a cool color. And a nice looking shoe as well. Bob
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Those are beautiful. The split-toe derby is such a nice design for that color, too. I commend both your taste and your courage. (Courage because I gather it was a special order, and you could only guess at what the result would be.)
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For purposes of comparison here are my olive EGs. Cardiffs with Southwold toecaps on the 888 last.

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