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Things you should never cheap out on

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As the title says...

I'll start with a good mattress.

I just graduated college and moved to los angeles and bought a crappy mattress (The brand was literally named "ACME mattress") for $200 from a seedy warehouse listed in the newspaper. I kept that for 3 years until I couldnt stand it anymore. Went to a real mattress store and bought a $600 mattress and its like night and day. 2 years later its still like new. Will NEVER buy a crappy mattress again.

So, what else isnt worth skimping on?
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for me it's the sort of items that I generally 1. Use very often 2. Where how well it works/doesn't is quite noticeable (this doesn't always apply, like say with a watch), and 2. An item which i generally have one or very few of... So things like my Mattress, Watch, Glasses, Computer, etc.
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Routine health exams for all those you love.
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I don't need a nice mattress strangely. I'm just as happy on the 6-inches of blue foam in my dorm as I was on my Temperpedic at home. . .

I never cheap out on tobacco products. . .
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trees. you get what you pay for.
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I'd say a watch. I know a guy with like 7 Invicta watches, when for the same money he could buy one decent watch.
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The tyres (tires for you 'murricanz) on your car. Seriously.
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A tailor......Inexpensive does not equal cheap...
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Shoes, you can tell the difference between a pair of quality and cheap shoes, especially those Zara shoes...YUCK!

To that which replied food (unless you're talking about whole food, in which I agree because cheap whole foods are either expired or about to be expired real soon).
I always cheap out on foods at mom n pop shops that make some great authentic ethnic food. Then again, some of the best 'quality' and exotic foods are that of high price and are totally worth it too, you get great stuff at both ends of the price spectrum.
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