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Looks like the totally redid the site since I visited last. Detailed measurements for every piece. Digging it.

Ditto on the parka.
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Yeah their old site kinda sucked huh.
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did they shorten the inseams on the chinos?
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Originally Posted by drinkonlyscotch View Post

Baron Wells just updated their site ( )with dramatically lower pricing. The "reference collection" contains most of their basics and has some really high-value pieces. The Studio Oxford, for example, is only $88 and still made in New York — pretty impressive. As far as I know, this would be the only quality US-made Oxford for under $100 other than Brooks Brothers' online-only oxford.

Curious what is the feel of the new shirts. Not that I've felt the original ones that sell for 118. is the material as beefy as gitman / BoO?
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i got the tapered village pants in navy.. will report back. should be good for the summer.
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Prices are very reasonable, sale prices will be ridic
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Serious bias towards shorter folks on those pants. Bummer.
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Originally Posted by thoogsby View Post

Serious bias towards shorter folks on those pants. Bummer.

super slim/cropped is kind of the point of BW. plenty of clothes out there for big guys.
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You guys beat me to it, but I like the site redesign, a huge step up from the old one. Here is a link to some runway pics of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Surf Collective NYC:

I picked up two reverse tees and a blue oxford the other day. I'll give an update when I get them in.

I like the linen pants, but need a sale or a discount to make a run at the moment, but they are in my radar.
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i got the tapered village pants in navy.. will report back. should be good for the summer.

Sweet. I have those in mind as well so looking forward to hear your experience with them.
Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Prices are very reasonable, sale prices will be ridic

My first thoughts were these as well. I thought it was a glitch in the new site, but those prices are really damn good for made in NYC goods and from the pics it doesn't look like they sacrificed any detailing from the last few season's, in fact they even added MoP buttons to some of the button downs and even those are at $118.
Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

waxed parka is dope. want it.

I have the black waxed parka from this past FW11 and it's been great. Slim fit and has held up brilliantly through rain storms. A word of caution though, the outerwear runs very slim. I'm a small in most brands including BW shirts and had to size up to a medium and it still fits slim. The small was way tight.
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Wow, much lower price. Is production still in NYC? LMK how those pants are Teger and if the waist measurements are accurate.
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Love the new site. Placed an order yesterday for the waxed shell jacket and skinny village pants. Spoke with customer service and they were incredible too. Can't wait.
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NEW SIZING? I love that new Parka. I normally wear a small in Baron Wells. Thoughts on sizing up for the Parka?
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Received my stuff today. I'm a normal XS / 28 waist, for reference.

The skinny trousers in 28 fit better than any pant I've found so far, right up there with size 26 APC PS. The material is perfect and they're light enough for summer. Extremely happy with these.

I also grabbed the shell parka in XXS, deciding to size down. It's a fantastic spring jacket. The XXS is great, but I would not be able to layer well with it done up. This is fine for spring summer. The material is somewhat waxy and definitely waterproof. It seems it'll grow to develop it's own sort of patina with time. The cork buttons are a great touch. Fits like a dream.

I'm really, really happy with Baron Wells. The measurements help so much and the price is totally reasonable. Before them I probably would have tried some Jcrew stuff and it would have cost more and not fit as well.

Emailed the owner and gave him my regards. Really hoping they release the skinny trousers in new colours, and keep releasing new outerwear. Definitely going to order again.

Also, the package came marked down as gift. Bonus round.
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^Are you Canada? If so guessing you didn't get hit with customs / brokerage?
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I am in Canada, no fees whatsoever. I may or may not have been assured by someone working there that all Int'l packages are treated as such wink.gif
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