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Has anyone had any experience with the returns lately?

I returned a pair of slim chinos 2 weeks ago and I've called and e-mailed them. They didn't pick up the phone and I haven't received a response.

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^^^ That sucks. I was actually going to order a couple chinos soon but the sizing's iffy, so I hope you get a response soon.


Maybe I'm missing something but the measurements on the Slim Chinos seem completely off, especially for the smaller sizes. They also list 28s in the Village models as having shorter inseams than 26s or 30s.

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the weight isn't that light though, I wouldn't wear them on anything hotter than upper 70s.

I live in VA as well, have you had to retire these due to our current weather? I was hoping they'd be good for the summer...

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I just a got a reply,so it's all good. I don't know if it's because I posted here though,haha.

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No, they're just slow. Like, super super super slow. Once you get through the customer service is good though.

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Hey Guys,


If you're in the UK or Europe we're having a small summer sale and a few Baron Wells items are included. A couple of long sleeve shirts, one short sleeve shirt and a pair of chinos.


You can see the selection here :


Please feel free to get in touch if you've got any queries by emailing


Have a great day,


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Just pulled the trigger on the waxwear parka in a L and think I probably should have gone for an XL. Oh well.
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When does Baron Wells debut stuff for new seasons? It feels like they haven't added anything new since they updated their website, and I haven't seen any previews / lookbooks for anything to come.

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Tried out a pair of the Village taper. I think the cut could grow on me but I really dislike the front pockets, so restricting. Sending them back.


Neighbor said BW didn't make a fall collection. Wonder if the brand is done? Really wish I had jumped on the wool parka when it was still available.

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I was about to order a pair of 34 Village Slim but I noticed the inseam is only 30, which seams kind of odd. Could the 7.25 hem be let out to make a total inseam of 32?

Or would this look weird because of the taped seams? Meaning they wouldn't be able to be lengthened.

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Would like to put an order in for this but it looks like it's gonna be a no go.

Sad to see. Such a promising designer.
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I think you can put in your orders directly on the website:


They sent out an email about it last month. As far as I can tell, they haven't made any efforts to advertise the Kickstarter project.

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