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Margutti shirts

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i recieved an e-mail from fabrizio margutti today. i've never ordered from them but i know they are an on-line shirtmaker. has anyone ordered from them? how is their quality?
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I once ordered a shirt from Margutti. The fabric was a nice 140s/2-ply. The construction was not particularly great, with double-needle side seams, buttons sewn loosely without a shank, and non-lustrous shell buttons(for which they add $5 over plastic). They can also make boxers with the same fabrics. I think that especially if you are ordering a shirt online for the first time go with Jantzen Tailor($38 + $5 shipping).
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thank you banksmiranda. i have three jantzen shirts already and will order more, but margutti does have a bigger selection of 140s fabrics. i won't be ordering from them however. my experience with marco bracci leads me to believe i'd have to pay a lot for shipping, plus another $16 in customs fees. also, margutti does not give the dimensions of the different collars. at that price, i'm better off having shirts made here in l.a. they do have some handsome shoes though.
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I agree about the shoes, I really like the look of the chiselled, squared-off toes and the contrast laces. What about the ties? 55-60 euros for a seven-fold sounds like a pretty good deal. And, seven-fold or not, I like this one - - the hand-stitch down the back is a nice touch...
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anyone with any updates regarding these shirts...seems like a nice product...given the janzetn problems....
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I have one Margutti shirt. It's not bad, although (this is amazing) Jantzen gave me a better fit. I like how the Margutti shirt's second button is a bit high. Good for leaving the top unbuttoned. You know, I've been meaning to try out Liste Rouge. They say they'll give you a fitting sample which you can take to your tailor and pin and send it back. Really tempting, since there aren't any good shirtmakers here.
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great feedback everyone. FOr some reason the margutti shirts look really tempting. but now im not so sure....
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