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Originally Posted by JoMak_NYC
Some skater dudes came in to Atrium and immediately started 'admiring' the Nudies. Talking amongst themselves how these are the hot shits and they must cop a pair. Apparently one of the kids held on to the pair he had a little too long, on his way out, for the security's comfort. So the security held on to him and ordered the staff call the cops (doubt they immediately did).

So the kid's friends are all yelling and struggling with the security to get him loose. Few minutes into it - they all went to blows. Skateboards came in to play. I give the security mad props for holding on to the kid as long as he did while the other kids whaled on him. They tried closing the security gates to trap them in but they held 'em open. The mele spilled out unto the streets and a crowd gathered. Amidts all the ruckus the security guard never lost his grip. As the kid's desperation grew he managed to somehow free himself but not b4 the security could get hold of another one of them. It all played out without any seruous injury - but during it all the kids that were trying to help their friend started banging on the storefront glass/doors with their skateboards and thats how they got smashed. When it was all done - 7 or 8 minutes later (yes it went on this long) - the cops finally show up, too late.

Dude, wot!? You didn't jump in and start kicking ass?
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It's kids like the ones who did this make me mad and wish harsh punishment on them. I remember the one time I was in Red Bank and was in Jack's Music Shoppe. Some kid who took something walked out the same time as a guy who seemed like a regular and the guy who did ish, got the blame. I swear, if anything like that ever happens to me, I will hunt down the little jerk and give him the beating he deserves.
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This reminds me of a girl at our school who stole an Urban Outfitters tee on a sports trip. Now, she went to an expensive private school and was above even the standard benchmark of spoilage. Fucking disgrace. Fortunately her ass got expelled.

Petty theft is just so... petty. It's at once pathetic and immensely aggravating.
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