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Atrium smashed up!!

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omg!!! ain't that some shit? just a few hours ago i witnessed a shoplifting gone BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD @ the Atrium in SoHo.

You guys heard about this? I mean the store front is all smashed up due to the ruckus!! blood spattered floors, broken theft detectors, awed spectators shaking their heads repeating........."over a pair of jeans!!"

All I know is Nudies are the devils spawn.
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I thought that was Cheap Mondays.

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I would kill everyone on this forum for a pair of svenskas, no word of a lie
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Some skater dudes came in to Atrium and immediately started 'admiring' the Nudies. Talking amongst themselves how these are the hot shits and they must cop a pair. Apparently one of the kids held on to the pair he had a little too long, on his way out, for the security's comfort. So the security held on to him and ordered the staff call the cops (doubt they immediately did). So the kid's friends are all yelling and struggling with the security to get him loose. Few minutes into it - they all went to blows. Skateboards came in to play. I give the security mad props for holding on to the kid as long as he did while the other kids whaled on him. They tried closing the security gates to trap them in but they held 'em open. The mele spilled out unto the streets and a crowd gathered. Amidts all the ruckus the security guard never lost his grip. As the kid's desperation grew he managed to somehow free himself but not b4 the security could get hold of another one of them. It all played out without any seruous injury - but during it all the kids that were trying to help their friend started banging on the storefront glass/doors with their skateboards and thats how they got smashed. When it was all done - 7 or 8 minutes later (yes it went on this long) - the cops finally show up, too late.
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Holy shit.

Sadly, you know they're talking about this shit - "DUDE, DID YOU SEE ME WAIL ON THAT DUDE? OMFG, I'M SO SWEET."

A life of either assrape in prison or mediocrity awaits them. They should be able to break those Nudies in pretty good.
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Hahahaha. In cali you can't even accuse a patron of shoplifting until they leave the shop. So the skaters got away huh? Looks like they been watchin too much "KIDS."
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Originally Posted by rnrswitch
Hahahaha. In cali you can't even accuse a patron of shoplifting until they leave the shop. So the skaters got away huh? Looks like they been watchin too much "KIDS."
Well, Atrium has a storm entrance as do many stores in NY (ad cold weather places). The kid was apprehended after passing the 'theft detectors' through the inner doors, but right b4 he could go through the main doors out on to the streets. But yup, in the end they got away, but not before swearing death to all. @ kronik, they fled w/o the nudies.
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Well that just makes them double-dumb.
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That's shitty work from security, though. The loss of a pair of jeans is one thing. A giant mess, broken detectors, spilled blood, and the possibility of many lawsuits and worker's comp payouts is worth far more.
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haha this is awesome...breaking news from the streets.
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I'm sure they got them on camera
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Word on the street is that it was some superfuture kids who don't know how to use the search button.
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Working in Atrium years ago I can picture the whole fiasco

Atrium never had enough Security for that store, and, the sales staff would
double up as Security on the floor.

I hope none of the Security I knew then, still works there when this occured..

Maybe they'll wise up and hire more security now.
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Fucking skaters.
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shoreman, I think you're being facetious, but I was thinking, people like that give skaters a bad name.

I was a bit rough on concrete structures in my day, but shoplifting and assault were not part of the program.
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