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Maker of Gieves & Hawkes Brogues?

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I rather like this style. Anybody know who makes their shoes? O r any information as to fit / quality?

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looks italian.

do you have any more information about them, such as their provenance, or manufacturing codes written on the inside?
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Although they could be, I really doubt they're Italian. Most likely Crockett & Jones--made for Gieves & Hawkes. They're really very nice looking shoes (from what little I can see of them), and I quite like the last shape and the Adelaide-pattern broguing around the facings. They have a nice taper from the ball of the foot to the toe and a slightly chiseled toe--really very nice indeed--and appear to be well-made, judging from what little is visible in the picture. If I were in a really speculative mood, I'd guess regular (benchgrade)-quality shoes on the new C&J 348 last, although they could be Handgrade-level shoes on the 337 last. What's the price? That would probably tell the tale.
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I like that shoe. It's about $350 U.S. The website says they are U.K., bench made shoes, and take 12 weeks to make. My money is on C&J Bench grade. (But it's just a guess).
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The shoes sold at the Gieves & Hawkes in Yokohama (a concession in a dept. store) are made by Church's. I'm not sure this would necessarily be indicative of the shoes they sell in the States.
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I was at gieves and hawkes last summer, during a rather disapointing trip to london. I spent one hour at G&H trying on a blazer. At the first, I recognized the cut and the fitting, as well as the buttons. After getting aquaintance with the sales guy he told me that their blazers ARE MADE IN ITALY BY BELVEST. I was shocked. i own a belvest blazer (the same I tried on), with a miami prize tag of 800 US$. the belves blazer at G&H was 1300 pounds, 2600US$, 3.5 times miami price. PURE BULLSHIT. I am not the same since then. Probably the shoes are made in Italy too
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Blevest make for a variety of labels, including Hermes, where the prices challenge G&H.

1300 pounds is rather dear for a RTW blazer considering that would is close to or enough for a bespoke blazer from one of the lower-priced SR/off-SR tailors.
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