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A new MG for America: from Oklahoma via China

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It appears we might get MG in the United States again. The NYT, a publication not especially known for its automotive coverage (unlike, say, the LA Times) both had the scoop and thought enough about the possibility to publish an editorial about it that shows a degree of familiarity with the marque I frankly wouldn't expect from the Grey Lady.

What do you think about the possibility?
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Those cars are not very MG-looking. Even Morgans suffer from that plastic look that characterizes contemporary cars, and the type of chrome, which looks like a toy sword from a flea market.
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I agree that they're kind of dumpy looking, especially for Peter Stevens designs. But then again, MG has never been big on visual continuity. The TC/D/F looked nothing like the A, and the Midget and B were both total departures from the A. Also, this car (originally the MGF) was designed by the husk of the company that shuttered MG in 1980, before the BMW takeover. So in that respect reviving MG is not as aesthetically daunting as reviving Triumph, which had basically two bodystyles (TR-2/3/3A and TR-4/4a/5 250/6) in 30 years. (I trust that you don't mind my pretending that the TR-7/8 never happened...) As long as a car is cheap, cheerful, and fun to drive it can still be a perfectly valid MG, I think. And plastichrome is, unfortunately, the way of moderns. Probably for safety reasons in part. And it has to be much cheaper. But regardless, my opinion is that a well-built midengined roadster with similar performance/practicality and superior fuel economy to a Miata is something that I could get really interested in, in a hurry.
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It actually bears a visual semblance to the new Lancia Fulvia, which is also a bit on the heavy plastic side, unfortunately. However, I feel that MGs always had a distinct British look, which this apparently lacks but then what car has a complete national identity today? With MG coming in, and Alfa Romeo apparently planning a return, perhaps this bodes well. Although the new Spider is a blustering mass, unlike its Roundtail ancestors or even the Kamm-tail affair.
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I believe they are coming here to OKC.
Obvious from the title of the thread, but I'm not sure exactly what phase of operation will be here.
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