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LA Stores

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What are some good stores in LA to check out besides Barneys? Are there any good sales going on?

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there's the anniversary sale going on at nordstrom from today to the 16th.
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dood, ALL the good sales are going on everywhere.

besides Barneys....depends what you're looking for.

my faves in LA

Paul Smith store on Melrose
Barneys, Saks, Neimans on wilshire
American Rag on LaBrea
hasnt opened yet but will be a fave soon enough, Duncan Quinn on Melrose
Traffic in the Beverly Center
Fred Segal/HTC in Santa Monica

tons more, just depends on what yer after
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Depending on where you're going to be, there's also a Fred Segal on Melrose in Hollywood. That syntax of that sentence is pretty f-d up, but you know what I mean . . .
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Scout and South Willard on 3rd.
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Originally Posted by yawn
there's the anniversary sale going on at nordstrom from today to the 16th.

More like til the 30th.
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HTC (Beverly and Martel) is having a 40% off sale now. Started Friday I think
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I went into Fred segal in Santa Monica. I was not impressed with their denim selection. I saw those paul smith red ears and almost puked. The only thing attractive about them was the hidden rivets on the back pockets. $360 for a pair of jeans made in Hong Kong? I thought outsourcing was suppose cause prices to be competetive?
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I normally look at the denim in HTC, and go check Fred Segal Men for other things. Fred Segal seems to stock stuff like Earnest Sewn. HTC has the 5EP, Rag & Bone, PRPS, and every Swedish brand I can think of (JR, Pace, Cheap Monday, Acne...). Definitely not a bad selection, IMO.
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I think it is that I just got back from NYC and went to blue in green where I was completely blown away. Then going to the segal and seeing some mediocre brands (imo).

I guess I expected more. I also talked to a guy at HTC and he kinda snuffed at me when I asked if they had any Nudies. Replying something like, "You can get those anywhere" or "too many people carry those." Yet, quality wise I didn't see many jeans that looked much better in the quality department.
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Oh, compared to the stuff in NYC I'd have to agree. HTC would be rather unimpressive :P I have to admit that I've lost interest with any denim that isn't japanese. The only thing I've seen in the states that compares is 5EP, and I've already got them. I'm beginning to think all my denim purchases from now on will be during vacations. 45rpm and BIG (or Japan...) here I come.
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I agree totally. I still like nudies even though I know they are blowing up pretty large, but I still love the fit of my ralfs and svens, nevertheless I can't get over the drastic differences in look and quality between European/American jeans and Japanese jeans. Even though some of the Japanese jeans have a more modern cut, they still have the look and feel of vintage Levis.

I too believe that all my denim in the future will be Japanese, unless Levis really starts stepping it up.
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so supposedly there's a store called "World Denim" opening next to American Rag (?)....don't know anything about it tho. Would be sweet if it were indeed a "world denim" since Japan is a part of this world, last I checked
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That would make my day I kinda wonder though, why does 45rpm have like 3 (ok, make that 2) NY stores and none in LA? You would think LA would be a pretty decent place to put one.
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Originally Posted by PG2G
You would think LA would be a pretty decent place to put one.

LA seems a better place to put one since EVERYONE wears jeans most of the time and $300+ denim seems to be the LA equivalent of having a bespoke suit.
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