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@@@***Aika Jeans Denim Japan 'JIN' Jeans for sale***@@@

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$99 > $89 > $79

Hi everyone,

First post for a long time lurker.
I've been waiting my 45 days to post in the 'for sale' section and in the meantime someone else beat me to it with Aika product.

Very quick word about Aika (excuse the name dropping)
Owned by a Japanese fabric trading company with many, many connections.
The factories Aika used also manufacture for brands such as 45rpm & Comme des Garcon.
The last seasons collection was designed with help from Omnigod.
Truly beautiful garments with stunning attention to detail.

I worked in the Aika store and was very sad when it closed.
There were many reasons for the closure, but the main one was the GFC which hit the Japanese parent company very hard.
Myself and another staff member took the opportunity to buy a decent amount of stock from the owners who didn't want the expense of shipping it back to Japan.

We had planned to open a shop in Sydney stocking a few Japanese brands we love and also selling off the Aika stock. This doesn't look like it is going to happen in the near future, and after months of nagging from my girlfriend, we have decided to sell the Aika stock so that I can regain my second bedroom in my house.

So.... what we have here for sale is the 'JIN'.
The 'JIN' was Aika's 'top of the range' jean.
14.5oz selvedge denim, Zimbabwe cotton.
Our factory had 80 vintage looms, but only two were selected to be used for the JIN jean fabric to ensure a superior weave.
Dip dyed 20 times in natural indigo, with care taken not to dye to the yarn core.
Unsanforized, rinsed to allow shrinkage, and then hung to dry naturally.
The cut is a very traditional fit, based on a 50's levis 501.
These jeans retailed at Australian$395.00 before the company closed.
When released, the JIN retailed for Australian$495.00
Attachment 43020
Attachment 43021
Attachment 43022
Attachment 43023
Attachment 43024
I have measured them in the same way that '' measure all their jeans.
Hope it's cool to mention 'blueingreen', I love that store and their 'measuring guide' is nice and simple to follow.

Measurements for 32 waist (all measurements in inches)

These are pre-shrunk, so buy your actual size.

I have stock in all of the following waist sizes.
My intention here is to sell these jeans to people who appreciate them and try and help the Aika brand live on for a while longer. I also need my second bedroom back.

Price is US $99 > $89 > $79 via paypal.

Shipping costs are:
USA/Canada- US$35.00
Europe- US$40.00
Asia- US$3000
Australia- US$15.00

Yes I know these shipping prices are insane, but that is what the post office quoted me (I made the guy show me his computer screen to prove that he wasn't making a mistake)

If you want to buy more than one pair, I will check with the post office and give you a price.

Orders and/or questions, please send me a PM.

Many thanks,

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hi mate, just a random off-field msg to hope that somewhere you might have some aika stock left. Probably the best jeans I ever bought and I've been hating and loving wearing them everyday for the last 15 months. Loving cos they are the perfect fit and hating because I am wearing them out ever so slowly.

If you have anything left then please let me know. Thanks so much, Ben. ben(at)
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Two questions. Do you have more closeup pics, and what would it cost to ship to Canada?

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read the date geniuses.
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PRICE DROP I still have stock of Aika JIN !!! I bought all remaining stock when Aika closed. When I sell out completely I will ask the mods to close this thread. Until then, Aika JIN are still available. I cannot post in my own thread or the mods will lock it because it is not allowed to bump your own thread without a price drop....... So...... As of now the price is US$89 via paypal. FIT PICS
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Has anyone purchased these from Goodtrade?
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Originally Posted by chomeo View Post
Has anyone purchased these from Goodtrade?


goodtrade seems fine from pms and provided pics with my name in it.
but with no feedback and no post, it's pretty risky.

can someone vouch for them?
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just ordered a pair from him, ill keep you guys updated.
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Yep, I got a pair back in May, they're a steal at this price...
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i have just received the jeans, goodtrade is legit !
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Do you have an e-mail address?
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hey just wondering if theres size 31 left??
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Originally Posted by WarPaint View Post
hey just wondering if theres size 31 left??
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Also looking for a 31 or a 30...I'm guessing they'll stretch out an inch or two from their shrunken size in the waist?
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I just picked up a 30/31 from him. Pretty sure he has a lot of everything especially if its taking up a bedroom in space. Reasonably sure he's legit, but will confirm with pictures of the jeans when they arrive. Have a tracking #.
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