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Homemade, handrolled pocket squares in exciting fabrics (Part II) - Page 4

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PM sent. Really nice!
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Just bought two of them, can't wait.
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Just received four of these. My first foray into using pocket squares. Fantastic squares, great workmanship! G is also a real pleasure to deal with. Will definitely be ordering more in future!
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I'm back for more after the first batch I ordered. Count me in for 1 of the purple leaves, please?
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2 new patterns added 10 Sept!

17. Colorburst. 100% vintage kimono silk. Awesome array of colors makes for a most versatile and playful square. Def. keeping one of these. 5 available.

18. Pink geo. 100% vintage Japanese wool, traditionally used to line kimonos I believe. Instant vibrancy. Lots available.

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beautiful patterns!
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ANNOUCEMENT: We're having a F/W promotion in celebration of the approaching season that I'm unfortunately unable to experience this year. From now until 2011, all cotton and wool squares will be just US$18 (10% discount)! More additions: 19. Blue Chrys. 100% vintage kimono silk, great texture. Nice alternative to the popular Blue Gardens which sold out quick! ALL SOLD. http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/d...e/DSCF3682.jpg 20. Subtle purple. 100% vintage kimono silk. As the name suggests, very subtle patterns. 4 available. 21. Tapestry. 100% vintage kimono wool. Fairly thick for pairing with a tweed jacket. ALL SOLD. http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/d...e/DSCF3697.jpg http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/d...e/DSCF3699.jpg 22. Gray ferns. Exact composition not stated, but likely all wool. Great for F/W! Lots available. 23. White linen. 100% linen, NOS from a now-defunct factory in Lithuania. Very nice and soft. 23 available, 18 left. Can get more. 24. Blue Chambray. 100% cotton, made in Japan (non-vintage). Great texture with slight slubbiness. Noice! 10 available, 8 left. Can get more. . . . . Last but not least, a slight teaser of what's to come Watch this space!
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Posting with a min or two in between, so I hope this doesn't count as a bump! The GF was recently given an Hermes scarf, and I thought it'd be interesting to shoot some comparison pics with our most recent and improved work. I'll let the photos speak for themselves: The print is pretty cool though!
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I'm one of your competitors and even I must say, if that's a tie, that is awesome. I was thinking about making a tie but have no plans on selling them. Just for myself. The chambray is absolutely lovely.
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G's always a pleasure to deal with.
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Got my squares today and am mighty pleased
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Took forever to get my squares -- no thanks to Canada Post -- but they finally arrived and they are beautiful! I got:

#18 Pink Geo
#19 Blue Chrys
#21 Tapestry

Smashing work Gerald and a real pleasure to deal with you!

Now to check out sonlegoman's fine work!
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Received my 5th and 6th squares from Gerald recently and couldn't be happier. Compared it with a Dunhill square and the workmanship is just as fine. Thanks again!
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Beautiful looking stuff!
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Recived mine today. The square looked very nice. Also very pleased with the trade and fast shipping.
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