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Help matching jeans to sports jacket

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Hello, I'm an academic who will be attending an important dinner partly in my honor. I tend to dress very casual when teaching (jeans and a button down) but just bought my first jacket for this event. It's a sports jacket from the orange line of Hugo Boss. Can I get some tips and recommendations on how this is starting to look? Right now I'm thinking black jeans and white shirt with black stripes. I don't know what shoes so recommendations would help quite a lot. And if it's just terrible let me know and I'll start over! I have olive complexion and I will be wearing my hair in a ponytail, by the way. . . Thanks.
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you want the realistic 'person to person' reply? go as you are. tuck in your shirt. youll be fine and no one will care.

you want the internet forum reply (the whole point behind the effort taking the picture, phasing out your face, making an account and posting)?
im one not for the worsted navy solid blue sportcoat with jeans look (especially with washed distressed bootcut). too generic "casual meets dressy" look that young guys go too often. especially with ponytails. get better jeans. get raw slim jeans and get another color shirt other than white or white/stripes. hugo sucks. but if youre going to get to wear that coat, take up the sleeves at least. hope this helps.
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Yes, I certainly want the internet forum reply! The sportcoat is actually black. Sorry for the picture quality. Good point about the jeans and the sleeves. I have other options for the shirt. Is an overall monochromatic look OK or can I go with blue jeans?
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washed blue bootcut jeans and a black sportcoat and a white shirt is oh so boring looking, and to the point it does make some people here puke in their mouth a little bit. monochromatic is fine (that's not the word), but forum people dont like overly basic colors commonplace for the piece in combo (blue/black for sportcoat, white for shirt, a basic red for a tie, these colors in combo looks interviewy, perfunctory, typical kind of like tourists looking like hawaiian shirt with sunglasses, and a camera look) unless the look is fit, sleek, or has some other novel attributes to it in a good way.
it's a dinner that doesnt happen in awhile i suggest you pick up a pair of pants or khakis at least. tan khakis and a black sportcoat with a grey shirt i guess would look fine.
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Wow, who knew that James May was a SF member?
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As a typical person that I am, I would suggest to at least get slim fit jeans. I think baggy jeans look very sloppy no matter what, especially, paired with a jacket. Also, don't get black jeans with a black jacket. It just spells boring.

Black is a boring color for a jacket in general. I would get a more interesting sport coat than that. Also, I personally dislike brown shoes with a black jacket and, if you do get a gray or navy sport coat, you could rock some nice brown shoes that would look much more stylish.

Don't worry about the brand too much. People here dislike Hugo Boss for reasons of quality. It is very subjective though. If the fit is nice, then the brand doesn't matter. I think that jacket looks great on you, but you need to shorten the sleeves so a little cuff shoes.
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^i think his choice on the color of the sportcoat is more of a personal preference.

thus we can assist him on how to complement the jacket or dress it, so khakis or dress pants or slim dark jeans is great.

but yes, the brand, he shouldnt really worry about (unless he is also curious as to what else is out there; it wasnt implied, but i thought i throw the opinion out there)
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Well, he said he doesn't mind starting over, so... ) Also, do tuck your shirt. Edit: What's your shoe size?
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Thanks for the guidance.

I chose this coat more for the fit than for the brand or even the color. I could lose about 15 pounds so this coat made me look slim. I tried my khakis but those are baggy so they did not go so well. I have a dark gray shirt that seems to go well so I just need to get a proper pair of pants or dark blue jeans and then wear appropriate shoes. My shoe size is 10.5/11.
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I do recommend getting these shoes if you prefer a more casual style:

You could wear them anywhere you like. It's not something people on this forum would wear with a suit or a jacket, but in the real world they would be quite alright. I have a pair and I wear them with jeans all the time and get a lot of compliments. Really nice quality comfortable shoes for a great price. That company went out of business (unfortunately), and 6pm is selling the remaining stock for ridiculously low prices.
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+1 on the slim, dark jeans, plus I'd suggest a light blue shirt and a shortening of the jacket sleeves by 1"-1.5" if you have time.
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Originally Posted by Kentishman View Post
+1 on the slim, dark jeans, plus I'd suggest a light blue shirt and a shortening of the jacket sleeves by 1"-1.5" if you have time.

This should work, but what about trying a pair dress pants on at the store to see how you like them? If not, then slim, dark jeans would look better than the ones in teh pic. I think a nice lace-up blucher in dark brown would look good with this.
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Hello, my advice, leave your hair as it is, long hair is only elegant when you leave it open in my opinion, now I would go for bright blue jeans and perhaps a white shirt with blue stripes if you have one, otherwise the one you have is fine.
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I'd suggest dark indigo slim-cut jeans, a navy blazer with brass buttons, white oxford button down shirt and nice shoes (brown suede, oxblood or tan cap-toes or oxfords). What will the other attendees be wearing? Since the dinner is in your honor, you may want to up your style a bit and dress for the occasion. Another option is a navy suit, white shirt and no tie. Just my thoughts. Twotone
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Originally Posted by Kentishman View Post
+1 on the slim, dark jeans, plus I'd suggest a light blue shirt and a shortening of the jacket sleeves by 1"-1.5" if you have time.
Another +1 on this recommendation.
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