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Shopping in nyc

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Hi everybody. This is my first post here and I'd like if somebody could give me some tips on shopping in NYC, since I am gonna be there in the end of March. I am specifically looking into buying a new navy jacket and was wondering if there are any places where I can get a hold of something on the level of Brioni, Kiton or Campagna for better prices than Barney's or Bergdorf's. I was thinking of something around $1,000-$1,500. Any ideas ? Furthermore, any new good boutiques around ? I've heard the new Kiton is pretty nice and so is the Borreli. What about the Vacca-Attolini ? Yours, IlVangelo
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Ilv: Have some comments but I'd prefer to let the NYC denizens answer first. For blazers, would you consider Canali, Corneliani, or Zegna? How about Isaia or d'Avenza or Belvest?
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Hi Steve, I would consider all of the brands you've mentioned, yes. The last three would be preferable to Canali, Zegna and Corneliani since I know for a fact they use canvas instead of fusing in all their suits. I am imagining you are refering to Gianluca Isaia when you mention Isaia, right ? D'Avenza is very good and so is Belvest. I agree with what I've read somewhere that Belvest is under rated. I would love to hear your opinions and tips on where to find those brands in NYC for reasonable prices. Yours, IlVangelo
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I'm a New York denizen who'd like to know the same thing. Let me give you my opinions on your question. As far as the places you've already mentioned, the one time I went to the Vacca store on Fifth, the prices were pretty high (around $4000 for a suit, $3500 for a jacket). I have never gone back to see if they had massive sales, although I doubt it. The Borrelli store on 60th is presently having a sale. Their $2900 suits are 30% off and may go down to 50% off; assuming their jackets are a little less, you might be able to pick one up for $1200(?) if you're lucky. Haven't been to the Kiton store, but would be surprised if you could get something near to that price. You might try Peter Elliot on Madison around 80th Street. They carry Isaia and Kiton and may be having good sales right now. Haven't visited but they tend to be pretty sane. For a while they operated an "outlet store" where they sold the stuff from the back room. They had a couple marsh colored Kiton suits for around $1000. I know they've closed the store but you should call and ask where they sell their overstock now -- it's some consignment store on the UES. You might also try Ina or some of the other high end consignment stores for luck. The other thought is to try one of the tailors who come to New York. I imagine that W.W. Chan can do a very good jacket for less than $1000, but never having tried their product I cannot state definitively.
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The obvious answer is Century 21 downtown. They are one of the only discount stores I know of that consistently carry high end labels like Kiton and Brioni. The selection isn't the best, but the prices are virtually unbeatable. Your next option is the Filene's Basement/Marshall's/Loehmann's route, with which I have had less success. Finally, Woodbury Commons, if you have a ride.
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lot of good information in this past thread as well: NYC Stores
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