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The jacket is awesome, but it looks like it is sized ~medium. I'd be all over it in a small. Love to see it in other colors too, but I can understand why that might not happen... Loving just about everything I've seen in this thread, but every time something cool shows up here I've just made some other major purchase and can't quite bring myself to pull the trigger... Promise to myself: will get some Colby Backous items this time around.
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Originally Posted by socialdtk View Post
The jacket looks perfect Colby. I can't wait until mine gets here!!!

BTW, How do you recommend that I wash it?

Hey Tyler. Yours will be to you soon. I definetly suggest dry cleaning this garment. Thanks again, Colby.
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Originally Posted by JackTheRipper View Post
Anymore button downs coming in?

The new buttondown samples should be ready early next week. I still have some gray polin and purple check left. The flannel sold out in pre-orders.
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Mailed about the jacket - def be needing one.
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how does this work? do i just follow the tread or is there a mail list i need to get on?
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Your best bet is to follow the thread, lad. I've received e-mails from Colby about new materials but I don't think there's something you can physically subscribe to...
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this is so awesome.

i'll be following closely and i can't believe i've never caught this before.
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hey colby, any update on the t-shirts? lying in wait here, looks dope
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I will post them, hopfully, this weekend. There will also be a buffalo check knit henley coming soon. It is black and gray. I will have fit pics soon as well because I finally found a new fit model.
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Wow, great thread. How do you go about to order a custom shirt? Do you ship to Europe? Prize? Lot of questions.. But again, great thread!
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just got my sweatshirt, and it is wonderful. Nice job, Colby. Here are some pics:
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Looks very nice!..

Can't wait to receive my new flannel and jacket!..
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Hey guys. I have a few new knit samples here. The first one is a buffalo check t-shirt in black and gray. It is a size medium. These are sized to fit the same size you would wear in a my button downs.
Back Length=25
I won't be making more of these t-shirts, we used the fabric to make a henley. It has the same measurements except that we have added 1.5" to the length. The t-shirt sells for $30 and the henley sells for $45. They are both made of a cotton spandex blend so they are super soft and comfortable. The henley is trimmed with cotton chambray. If you are interested, or if you have questions email me at

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So I bought Colby's chambray jacket - it's exquisite!..

Can't wait for more of your stuff!.. Thank you, Colby!..
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^ this guy also turned me on to your flannels and shirting. just waiting for the next flannel restock. hopefully will have some spare cash to throw around at your beautiful designs!
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