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I tend to prefer adidas over any other sneak. However, if I like the design and colorway, I'll buy it, no matter the brand. I am awaiting shipment of my first pair of Reeboks in ~15 years and just recently got back into the Nike scene.
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Does Puma have a commercial like this?
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the pumas i bought a year or two ago i cant wear anymore. and these rod laver vintages are on my next shopping list
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Old school pumas are ok. Adidas much better. Can't stand those Puma speedcats, that everyone seems to be into.
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I like a few syles of Puma, namely the Mostro and a few mihara's, but prefer Adidas.
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Puma had this great ad campaign filmed in Jamaica depicting ppl from ALL walks of life wearing Pumas. It was some of the best - and funiest- ads i've seen. Like the old courty lady walking a dirt road to church in her sunday best and on her feet some brand new Pumas. CLASSIC.

The US never got those ads of course but for those who has seen any of them will remember...


....very well
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Adidas. All my favorite sneakers (Stan Smiths, Superstars, Rods, Samba) are made by them.
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Histrion, nordstrom has peles on sale (though only available in the more brazilian colorway).
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Adidas fan here... Lavers, Superstars and Sambas... High chance that Stan Smiths will be my next sneaker purchase
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In general, I prefer Adidas. Their original Italia is one of my favorites of all time, and I find something innovative and interesting with a good silhouette every season. On the other hand, interesting Puma's seem to come only once in a while now, and I feel that the Puma collabs range from poor to mediocre (including the current Mihara stuff).
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adidas gets my vote, but no hate for Puma from me, either. i think that Puma sportswear (apart from shoes) could be more decent than adidas. Puma jerseys, for example, at the World Cup looked far better--possibly because everyone else was togged either in Nike or adidas. however, when it came to buying a new pair of sneakers i considered both brands, but tried out Umbro (x kimjones) just for the fun of it. heh.
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Puma, just because everyone else likes Adidas.
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I like both, although I have about 5 pair of pumas in my room right now (Brown and Red Clay SpeedCat, White and Snorkel Blue Roma<super rare blue toe and stripes and now that i have beat them a little i feel bad about it, they clash with a lot of stuff but in a good way>, Blue and White Anjan, Black and Blue FrankenClydes) I Actually use the speedCats for Auto Racing so they are more than just a style statement. I love the classic and neoclassic looking pumas but I cant stand the Futursitic looking models (my little brother actually prefers that style though). As far as Adidas go i love the Dagora (sp?) I tried them on and they felt awesome, more like a sock with tread with great support. I didnt buy them though as I didnt like the color... I wish I did.
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I love my pumas and have been wearing them for the last few years!
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