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Where do you get your cufflinks (cuff links)?

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The cufflinks at the malls are too expensive. I've done a search and found a few sites with reasonably priced cufflinks, but I have a feeling there are more. Where do you get your cufflinks?

Here's what I've found: - I like the selection and prices. - I like the name. - Great selection, a bit on the steep side. - Same thing: great selection, a bit on the steep side.
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I only own 2 pairs (absent a small collection of silk knots). One pair I bought at Brooks Brothers and the second pair is a pair of vintage snap cufflinks I picked up at a consignment store. Several days after reading and posting in a thread in which cuffthis posted pictures of several beautiful pairs, I walked into a local consignment store and the owner had a pair with my initials. Thanks Tom!! Edit: I find the best places to get cufflinks are consignments stores, antique store, and pawnshops. In mainline stores, I get blank stares or hear something like "you know, a lot of people are asking for cufflinks recently, maybe we should start stocking a few pairs".
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I've had good luck at Nieman and Barney's outlets.
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check e bay for vintage cuffliks
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Also flea markets and antique malls.
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Ebay is an excellent treasure trove, as are all of the others mentioned above. One usually overlooked source in button collectors. Cufflinks are genetically second cousins to buttons. Those who collect buttons usually come across cufflinks in their collecting. They have limited use and value to button collectors as they are not buttons, duh.

Align yourself with several button collectors (most of which are women) and you will find your phone ringing often with people offering great stuff at affordable prices.

OMG - I just gave away a great secret for cufflink collecting. I seriously have to stop posting when tasting wine before 11:00am.
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ebay, ebay, ebay
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one more time.

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Yup, EBay. I have some now-precious links from EBay sellers.

And, btw Cuffthis, you've given that hint before!

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