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It's just that we can't know what Steve's policy is or argue about it or hash it out unless he tells us what it is.
fair enough
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One has to feel some sympathy for Kabbaz: he has registered under his own name, and he has the reputation of his business to maintain. Those who have been slinging mud have had the luxury of relative anonymity. This leads me on to the conduct of Grayson. If he objected to Kabbaz's post being sited incorrectly, then it should not have been too difficult for him to state this explicitly and politely. It is a shame that Grayson's posts have resulted in Kabbaz withdrawing his input - the latter's articles have had many hits, and are certainly informative. For my own part, I'd rather read articles like Kabbaz's rather than Grayson's posts. Why don't I value Grayson's posts as highly as Kabbaz's input? First of all, I'm astounded that someone who claims to have a "world view" of bespoke clothing could complain about elementary tailoring errors in some of his clothes: such errors should easily have been spotted by Grayson and remedied during fittings. Secondly, I don't think that Grayson would voice complaints about poor service in the same manner as myself - this can often have an enormous bearing on how problems are addressed. For both of these reasons, I believe that it is a distinct possibility that at tailor, shirtmaker or shoemaker that Grayson finds to be unacceptable might prove to be perfectly competent and reliable when interacting with someone who knows what he's doing, can communicate effectively and who has a modicum of decorum. Finally, I'm suspicious of some of Grayson's numerical inconsistencies in the descriptions of his purchases, but have given him the benefit of the doubt. I'd suggest a separate Retailer's Forum, to which only registered retailers and Steve B. could post. If people had questions for specific retailers, they could address them via Steve B., who could moderate them and then post them (if/when he has the time). Alternatively, people could contact the retailer direct. Whilst this would not prevent unsubstantiated derogatory comments about the retailer in the other forums, it would at least mean that retailers would not feel obliged to enter into unseemly exchanges such as the one featured earlier in this thread.
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marc, stop being an idiot. Who are you anyway? Maybe it's time you posted a picture of your other ass.
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Please stop this, nitwit. Steve and J : you are the rulers of this forum and what we need is not democracy but a firm hand. Go trollslaying . Bjorn
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Yep...definitely time for this to end.
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PMS (new name for MPS reflecting his hormonal imbalance): You just have to try to wean yourself off of "Grayson" as Grayson is heterosexual and not interested in your obvious obsessive fetish you harbor for him.  There's a handbag sale going on at Bloomingdales, so why don't you rush on over.  Then you can give tips on how to match handbags with shoes, you girly-girl
A great way to stop trolling is to suspend the accounts of those who do.
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Oh my, a cat fight on a mens style forum. Must be those tight shoes. Give it up boys.
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As has already been mentioned, one can easily sign up for a yahoo or hotmail account and then sign up for a styleforum account.  Requiring members to use an email address from their own ISPs or place of employment instead of an account from yahoo, hotmail, etc is not good. I don't think that Marc should be made a scapegoat for the sometimes heated exchanges.  Of what Marc says, believe what you want and ignore the rest.  Marc has quite a bit of experience with clothing in general and bespoke clothing specifically.  He seems to have learned some things the hard way, spending quite a bit for what sometimes turned out to be of lesser quality than he expected when he placed an order.  Maybe Marc ruffled a few feathers.  After all, writers always seem to use superlatives when writing about people like Jon Green, William Fioravanti, Mimmi Spano, and others.  These writers sometimes write nonsensical things which we, mostly laypeople, could have written properly.  In addition, he brought up the issue of conflict of interest when writers receive free or discounted clothing from a person whom they are writing about.  Much of what quite a few people believe is little more than what manufacturers, agents and salespeople feed them as part of a sales campaign.  It is up to us to discover the truth by our own experiences and by consulting other people knowledgeable on the topic of clothes.  What Marc sometimes says based on hearsay for which he has no concrete evidence, try to find out yourself if you're that interested.  Even Steve, who initially was in denial that other writers would accept "gifts" in exchange for writing positive articles, softened his stance when he heard from someone else that it is common practice among certain circles. If anything, to satisfy you maybe Marc could be somewhat more "diplomatic" about some of the things he says, but so could many of us.
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Marc: Your opinions are valued, no matter how dour they may be at times. Your pesonal attacks are not, hence the deleted post. Great suggestions, guys. See post on policy. I'm in communication with J, and once the Forum is moved and updated, we may implement some of the other rules as well.
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once the Forum is moved and updated, we may implement some of the other rules as well.
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To a new server....With more bells, whistles, bandwith. The sorts of thing J. mentioned back around the 1st of the year when Alex Kabbaz's thread broke.
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