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Shoe stretching

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perhaps this has been covered before..

If you need a shoe stretched.. say up to half a size in with, and a little over the toebox to allow your toes a decent range of movement.. how difficult is this?

The reason I ask, I overpronate, so whenever I wear a lot of shoes that fit in all other ways, they gape around the quarters - a full width upsize is typically too big.
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There are several options. The easiest involves taking the shoes to a local cobbler and asking him to stretch them for you. You could also buy a shoe stretcher and some shoe stretch solution (I recommend the spray-on kind) on ebay and do it yourself. You spray the solution *inside* the shoe on the area you want stretched, insert the shoe stretcher, twist the handle to expand the stretcher and forget about it for a day or two. Come back, try on the shoes, repeat if necessary. The stretchers come with small inserts to make small adjustments for bunions and the like.
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