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some nice stuff on that site
marjella http://www.inanyc.com/collections/mens/products/navy-wool-coat-1#

rick http://www.inanyc.com/collections/mens/products/gray-leather-shearling-jacket-1

jil http://www.inanyc.com/collections/mens/products/black-leather-boots-14#
marc http://www.inanyc.com/collections/mens/products/slate-blue-leather-jacket

dvn http://www.inanyc.com/collections/mens/products/navy-motorcycle-jacket

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jill - http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/jil-sander-banded-collar-jacket-502479520.html?index=42&cgid=mens-outerwear


MMM - http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/maison-martin-margiela-leather-trimmed-zip-bomber-502398852.html?index=22&cgid=mens-outerwear


T by wang - http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/t-by-alexander-wang-quilt-stitch-jacket-502103033.html?index=11&cgid=mens-outerwear


fendi - http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/fendi-safari-jacket-502513820.html?index=45&cgid=mens-outerwear

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alright kids. how the hell has no one bought g's junya blazer yet? under $200 for an insane piece. someone please buy this shit before i overdraft my account too (and i don't even have the wardrobe to support it) because this is out of hand.

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Rick scuba size 48

item # 171136098088
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can't imagine putting on an unlined leather jacket would be an enjoyable experience...
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That Jil looks promising.
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Really good price!!! http://www.styleforum.net/t/363624/alden-403-indy-boot-size-8-5

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Originally Posted by fireflygrave View Post

older damir leather fencing jacket in sz 50 (wasn't synth mentioning how he liked older damir stuff?)

We all liked older damir stuff. older damir stuff was incredible. it's the newer damir stuff that takes an act of courage to like.
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Don't mind proxying from Japan? Wanna get your Frank Leder on? Here are a couple cool pieces:


Striped jacket (same or similar striping pattern from that epic Mail Moth fit pic): 

Shawl-collar blazer

Crazy $2000 leather blazer

Thick wool trousers (if these were a size larger I would buy them, look really nice)

Wool bomber

Two cardigans

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^ Tired of seeing that jacket. It's from the women's line.

Some telltale signs: (1) Back length is only 21", (2) MRS zippers were not used on men's line 5-zips past 2005/6. This jacket is from SS2008, (3) Tags are missing presumably to hide that it's women's line, (4) This jacket is identical to the women's 5-zip offered on MMM's current season e-boutique, (5) This jacket must have passed through at least 5 different hands in the past 2 months, clearly there's an issue with it that nobody's bothering to disclose..
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