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Originally Posted by slstr View Post

I think this has been posted in here before but someone buy this goddamn jacket
this is beautiful, brings tears to my eyes
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MMM 5 zip

Lots of great stuff here.

Jan Jan coat, so nice



Attachment shoes

Versace, thought they were pretty nice

Some nice stuff here, Guidi, MMM, etc

CPs, full price but probably best colorway this summer IMO you could prob just bookmark it

Hope shoes


Ann D boots

SS border trousers,1420,61?ShopByDesigner=True&Sale=False&SaleFinal=False&ShopByCategory=False

Devoa woven denim trousers,75,120?ShopByDesigner=False&Sale=True&SaleFinal=False&ShopByCategory=True

CDG boiled wool blazer n others, so nice.





Yang Li cardovan monk shoes
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Someone 44-46 should get that prisoners jacket.
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Man I have got to stop looking in this thread. I hate you bert.

Had those Ann boots been there for weeks or did someone just return a 42? I'm surprised I missed them the first time I looked.
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Awesome post el Bert, thanks.


Edit: Had listed a couple items here that look like they might be from a somewhat sketchy eBay user. Pulled the links.

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thx for heads up el bert, bought border trousers icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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NP, here's some eBay stuff...

Fujiwara sneakers

Ann D low top sneakers(black)

Jil Sander mohair/cashmere knit

MA+ boots
3hrs left.
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Relisted for the 2nd time? What gives? - pretty cool (S/M) - Some nice stuff; interested to see how flexible this guy is on offers - gorgeous Stowa

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I'm tempted to buy that geller parka.


My wardrobe is becoming a fucking black hole though.

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FYI that Stowa is only 32mm
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So's my Omega 30T2 smile.gif Never bothered me

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I don't know much about watches, but that seems tiny. No?
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By today's standards certainly. It's a matter of preference (and wrist size).

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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post Linen blend jacket by Surface to Air


This product is part of the EXTRAordinary 20% off spring Super Week, until April 29th


Is that the "bight color special" posted about? Can I combine with free shipping over 200?

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