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Thank you for seeing the point Julien.


And sorry Jet, I have to bring it up one more time. Sidezip = a zip on the side. I didn't mean to imply that they were an alternative to the MMM sidezips. 


'Kay, now we're done.

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Can't wear these but always wanted them. EU 45


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not my size, curse you world.


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where at mikey?
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eBay. I hear most F+B run big. True? You have enough boots, thatoneguy. Stay back!
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Originally Posted by thatoneguy View Post

where at mikey?

click da picture
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pic doesn't link
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

click da picture
just enlarges the picture, no link redface.gif
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this makes me sad. I TRIED.
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http://www.guyiconsignment.com/product/comme-des-garcons-mixed-wool-short-blazer-jacket (tease)

http://www.guyiconsignment.com/product/obscur-gloved-high-neck-wrap-one-button-recycled-wool-coat (:s)

http://www.guyiconsignment.com/product/maison-martin-margiela-cotton-dress-shirt-w-square-buttons (Someone find me this or similar in color, tax shirt - tia)


http://www.guyiconsignment.com/product/hugo-boss-stand-collar-jacket-w-waist-belt (Boss)



http://www.guyiconsignment.com/product/siki-im-japanese-cotton-cargo-blazer (Siki)


http://www.guyiconsignment.com/product/undercoverism-undercover-scab-print-suit (Uhhhhh ...)


http://re-porter.ca/clothing/leather-detailed-deconstructed-blazer/ (Get your Y! on?)

http://re-porter.ca/clothing/webbed-lapel-blazer/ (Tiny, also, why does Aloharag carry only small sizes from Ann??)


http://re-porter.ca/clothing/private-portland-hunting-jacket/ (i unno, may kop for myself)

http://re-porter.ca/clothing/line-10-bordeaux-shirt/ (i unno guys, should I?)

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It's falling apart. Not even worth the $88.00
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did gettoasty just post the link to everything at iconsignment and reporter?
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i'd kill any one of you for that leather detail Y blazer.
no offense

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