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Depends on how bad you want it, and if you can make sense out of the google translated description to see why it has a low rating
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Lollipop Stows 8 UK
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Good prices on some Ann D and Damir, somebody should pick up the bomber.
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This is for sale on Sufu somewhere... dude wants a lot for it though.
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Another old Raf piece sz 46





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Can you guys post links to your photos? I do. Why don't you?

I wish a place carried that SS coat in more than just navy color. If I am looking at the wrong place appreciate the heads up. I'll pay you commission.
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I agree, cyc could you post a link to that coat?

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Doesn't really matter most of the time thanks to reverse image search, but posting stuff like 'there is something on sufu' is really not helping anyone. Especially since you can't find stuff on that site if your life depended on it.

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here you go, it's on sf B&S too:


just googled "superfuture schneider reverse coat"

I like the coat a lot, but looks like I need a IV. Also it's pretty damn expensive (although the navy one was carried by...basically no one).

toasty, I think they had the camel/brown one at Wrong Weather, OC...that's all I remember off the top of my head. The light brown is sometime cotton, though.
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Originally Posted by jeromecd View Post

The ranking system in rakuten is for the condition of the item right? So i guess shouldn't buy anything below rank C?

I've bought rank D stuff before with surprisingly good results. Maybe a hole here and there but that's like a $3 fix. Just check out the (usually horrible) pictures and use dat intuition and pray to the jawn gods and everything might be ok.

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someone should cop from of the miyake archive on lncc. devil.gif
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you should be the torchbearer, snake devil.gif
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