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for those who are looking for a frock coat:

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Guidis under $900 on ln-cc

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Can someone on SZ help me buy that? (0) I have low post count.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Can someone on SZ help me buy that? (0) I have low post count.
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I am foreign to SZ but realized I could still PM.
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that's probably gonna be locked down too after cody's PM to everyone

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what happened with cody?
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PM (Click to show)

I hope you will consider this as personal regretful acknowledgement about past attempts to use this forums against policy and attempted to reach the base of users as a directive to get new clients.
Acknowledging that we do not know each other, aside from the internet insanity, its apparent how it can be dangerous how quickly things can go bad, or seem so. I am not dishonest and I don't wish to have any enemies before they've even a chance to know me. This is my only attempt to get in touch with you directly, despite this digital barrier and express you that I regret for the circumstances that occurred and how it have affected you, SZ, and its established partners.

I acknowledge that I have had entrepreneurial motivations and often too 'extreme'. Yes I've paid a price on it. I understand what it is now that is is necessary to protect the integrity of dealing with people, brands and between established partnerships, it is very important to remain loyal and with integrity in any sort of commercial operation.

I've come to the realization that maintaining integrity is what matters. Not trying to be selling X amount of product to X amount of customers. It may be farfetched, but I desire to build a level of basic respect that I between people, since last thing I want to do is try to appear to be 'dishonest, sketchy' or deal online in a sketchy way, circumventing forums or the participants anymore.
I wouldn't consider myself a store, or want to operate as one, other than a small independent web-store operation, I hope it will grow into something people can appreciate because my vision is directed by integrity and pure and basic principles which guide the brands that I intend to offer.

Anyway, hoping for the best..I am not trying to force you leave this message on a positive note and understand my sincerity. I am however letting down my guard for a moment to let you know that I regret my past motivations. I hope you can leave with that.
In proper view, this sort of bad exposure and reputation I've built for myself I would consider it a personal crisis that I've actually had to deal with. and still am dealing with. I've had to let it destroy itself voluntarily and surrender my ego. I'm now hoping for a path of recovery through learning and becoming grounded again. It's become a huge process.
well now we are in communication about this and I hope I am getting in touch in the most honest and direct way., even though we don't even know each other.

I'm sure there are great minds who gather here, and some very well respected and not people I want to piss off anymore, from this point and hopefully to not let it go any worse...


I thought he had scripted it up to send to everyone on SZ, but this is what I received yesterday. I personally have no qualms so not sure why I might've received it over anyone else

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Wish this was in my size.


3.1 Philip Lim Hidden Clip Buttonless Coat Size S

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I still would need a XS. tried on in store
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yo i'm really feeling that

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Why that coat so small? Is he measuring wrong seems to fit tts
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Sleeve length looks really off patch[1].gif

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