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Another vote for a haircut first.

And another vote for the #10 frames.
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Originally Posted by trentarren View Post
I've started a whole series of self-improvement things. I've already started doing weights daily (I may only be able to lift a 60lb barbell, but at least I'm doing it - this is the exercise I'm doing) and I've been cutting out all of the sodas (3-4 a day) and other shitty foods from my diet.

Congratulations, that's a very good start.

So, you want to change your looks. I am assuming that the underlying motivation is to be more attractive, correct? Keep in mind that for a man this primarily means to look "manly". Manly is first, looking "good" as in model looks comes second by a wide margin. Having said that, you are dealing with a few challenges here, some of which I share / have shared.

1. Hair colour - You may consider dying it, but only if you don't mind the constant extra effort.
2. Pony tail - This feature is questionable on any man, in my opinion, but for I really don't think it is very good. Keep the hair short.
4. Shape of your face, it is very round - Exercise and losing weight is key.
5. Very light eyebrows - This you should tackle first, if you have enough hair, dye it darker. I think it will help tremendously.

Finally, grow a beard if you can. I am not generally a big fan of beards, but I think it will be a welcome help to you.

Good luck!
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look like a lesbian with those glasses

you have a big round face, tiny glasses do not balance
better off with contacts or lasik
shrink your face asap
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Just shave your head ASAP. Then we can talk about everything else. Let's get you looking like a proper douchebag. Obligatory flippy hair doo? Check! You will be the best looking guy in computer science. EDIT: I made him smile EDIT: If anyone wants my professional MS Paint skills or needs a flippy hair doo preview please send payment to
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Nice job on the photoshop skillz. And to the guy who put up the original post, that photoshop image actually looks good. But might I suggest better glasses (something perhaps with a thinner frame) or perhaps even contacts? That would go better with the photoshopped look.
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some nice photoshoppin'
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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
some nice photoshoppin'

Used MSpaint pixel-by-pixel
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Must say, I think you have potential. I've always appreciated a nerd who can hang out with the anonymous, and not come out of it an impolite snot. The first pic made your chin look worse than it is. I very much second the larger glasses suggestion - the frames don't have to be thick (though it wouldn't kill you to try) and the glasses don't have to be huge - just a bit wider than the ones you tried. Would you be willing to try a frame color other than black? Also, can you grow facial hair? I have a bit of a weak chin/rounded face, and find the (currently NHL playoffs) beard does wonders for it.
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If you don't start listening to the simple advice to get a haircut and you buy all of your accessories/clothing based on what best suits you now, this is what is going to happen: And before you know it you're a rapist.
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Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr View Post
And before you know it you're a rapist.


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these are the glasses i have. you should try out something like this and see if you like.

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Originally Posted by Cosmonaut View Post
these are the glasses i have. you should try out something like this and see if you like.

Ignore this post OP.
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As others have said, working out will help a lot. If you have access to one, try using an indoor rowing machine. It provides some of the best cardio you can do, and also gives you some strength and lean mass in the legs, core, back, and forearms. If you have any questions about rowing workouts or rowing in general, feel free to send me a PM.

As far as glasses go, you want frames that will lend some of the square, bold masculine features you currently lack . It would also be smart to avoid anything too dark, as this will emphasize the contrast with your light complexion. Something like these Moscot Zeligs might look good:

I concur with whomever suggested a McQueen-style haircut.
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You have a pale complexion and blonde hair - as such, I feel that the thick-set, dark coloured (regarding your earlier point, the spelling probably gives away that this is an opinion from Europe!) plastic frames are overpowering on you.

I agree with the earlier post - get a shorter haircut, then try frames. I'd suggest that something metallic and discreet (even the 'frameless' style) may work better. If not, perhaps the plastic frames in a lighter colour - maybe tortoiseshell?

Good luck!
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Can you grow any facial hair? It's hard to tell from the lighting in your pictures. If you can, I would say cut your hair short on the sides and leave it a bit longer on the top. Then let your sideburns grow a little bit so you loose the boyish look.
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