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APC - old Loakes combo: working? (pics)

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My nine moth old L'Anglaise with a beloved pair of 10 year old, 3 eyelet Loake Business Class with patent finish. I think the turnups give a nice break between the different tones/textures. I like the worn effect of the shoes and feel they have a touch of period/beat look to them.I sometimes wear with deeper turn-ups also.
Does anyone share this opinion, or think it definitely doesn't work.
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I think it is fine, actually.
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That's actually pretty slick imo.
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I do it 2 days a week, every week, works for me --Wade
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Sometimes I cuff, sometimes I don' PA says below, uncuffed generally looks cleaner (but makes a more streamlined look). (photos of how I wear it to work, soon) --Wade
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With all of that said, I do prefer tan/brown leather with jeans, but black "passes" :P --Wade
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If you get a chance, would you be able to take a picture without the cuffs and maybe include more of your leg?
It looks alright now, but I have a sneaking suspicion it would look even better without cuffs. Also, it seems hard to really get an accurate idea of the way pants and shoes work together without seeing your whole leg/lower body.
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looks good, that's pretty much how I wear mine as well, but turnups slightly higher so there's no break
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My APC Anglaise is barely long enough for me to wear it with a turnup. I paired it with a tan loake exeter. For work though, like Wade M, even on a causal Friday, I would wear all of my jeans uncuffed.

I think you combo looks good, makes me start to consider pairing jeans with black leather shoes instead just the usually tan, brown and chestnut ones.
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Works for me. The bike-toe squared off things pictured later in the thread, not so much.
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I like it.
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Yeah, not fond of the square toes, but the other combo seems to work. I think it would work with either turn-ups or without. For the record though, I have always been a supporter of black shoes/boots with denim.
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I'm not a fan of the turn-ups, but I think the jean/shoe combo is great.
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I think they work well with those jeans. Turn-ups are about as big as they should get though IMHO.
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here are some further pics, as suggested.
Also, I too have thought about the denim /tan combo. These jeans with a pair of Trickers tan brogues or similar. Nice.
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